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Aerial Mapping
Aerial Sensor Systems

Aerial Sensor Systems

Aerial Mapping - Precision, Accuracy, Efficiency, Reliability

Our aerial data capture and data processing solutions enable you to deliver imaging data more quickly than ever before, ultimately saving time and cutting project costs. They help you:

  • Capture high-resolution data with confidence in its precision and accuracy.
  • Increase the productivity of your aircraft and reduce environmental impact by flying sharp turns over long baselines.
  • Reduce the need for control points using direct georeferencing and advanced aerial triangulation software.
  • Increase the efficiency of your data processing operation through streamlined workflows and high levels of automation – while also reducing training costs.
  • Grow your business into new applications – to capitalize on new market opportunities, diversify revenue streams, extend the flying season and increase equipment utilization.

Whether you need a single subsystem like GNSS+Inertial georeferencing or you are looking to invest in a complete turnkey mapping solution, our broad product line will address your need and help keep you productive and competitive today and in the future.

Airborne LIDAR and Imaging Systems

Trimble AX80
High performance airborne LIDAR and imaging system for aerial survey, ultra-wide area and corridor mapping.

Trimble AX60
High performance airborne LIDAR and imaging system for wide area and corridor mapping.

Trimble AX60i
High performance airborne LIDAR system for aerial survey and corridor mapping.

Aerial Cameras and Imaging Systems

Aerial Camera
Trimble Aerial Camera
Ruggedized metric camera in 60 or 80-megapixel models for capture of RGB imagery with or without forward motion compensation (FMC).