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Deliver the right information at the right time, in the right context
Combine ideas and data to visualize what's possible and how to achieve it.
Improve project delivery and maintenance

3D modeling that's as easy as sketching by hand. Clash detection with the push of a button. A headset that lets you explore digital content in your physical environment.

Trimble's modeling technologies make it all possible. Our 3D modeling and collaboration software, laser scanners, GNSS survey solutions, design management tools and extended reality devices help our customers visualize and contextualize the data they need to solve problems faster, create predictable plans and drive efficiencies.

technology modeling sketchup collaboration

Improve efficiency and accuracy by combining multiple designs in one coordinated design and working in a federated environment


Plan for the ideal sequencing of events.


Explore complex site conditions and systems for better communication and problem-solving.


Deploy data-rich models in the field to reveal more meaningful visibility, higher quality and reduce rework.


Use model data to monitor and identify trends for predictive maintenance, reducing costs over time.


Strengthen decision-making with a clear picture of the job at hand.

Modeling technologies for industrial applications
Trimble delivers innovative modeling solutions across several core industries:
Use precision agriculture solutions to get critical farm work done smarter, faster and more efficiently – from the office to the field, all year round.
technology connectivity agriculture cornfield irrigation
Deliver projects with more control through connected solutions that improve productivity, quality, transparency, safety and sustainability.
technology connectivity construction man tablet
Transform data into real-world intelligence using the most progressive, reliable and accurate tools in precision technology.
technology connectivity survey tsc7
Achieve resilient and sustainable utility networks by driving efficiencies in investment planning, design, construction, operations, and maintenance.
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Build better teams and projects with connected solutions
Trimble's connected solutions provide a combination of collaboration and interoperability that brings a long list of benefits that cannot be achieved through point solutions alone.
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Limit environmental impact
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Make intelligent decisions
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Optimize task productivity
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Solve complex problems
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Improve operating results
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Focus on safety
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Case Study

Designing a hospital in one night

Brasil ao Cubo was able to use Trimble modeling technology to leverage modular building and pull together one of their most important projects during a crucial time.
Case Study

Putting model functionalities to the test

A major upgrade of a 28 kilometer stretch of road in Finland required effective data management and always up-to-date design data for a complex set of stakeholders.
Case Study

A visual approach to oil and gas development

Much of America's supply of oil and gas lies beneath private property. An Oklahoma consulting firm is using augmented reality and 3D models to streamline interacation with affected landowners.