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Autonomy solutions for what's next
With Trimble, you can experience autonomy on your own terms. We have technology that can meet you where you are and take you to the next level.
Technology for your environment
From automotive to construction to agriculture, Trimble autonomous technology enables advanced action in any environment, meeting your needs in real-time, ahead of time, when it matters most.
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Trimble Autonomy guides the automotive industry with technology that delivers the most precise in lane positioning on the market.


Trimble Autonomy serves the construction industry with mixed fleet interoperability to increase output and operational efficiency.


Trimble Autonomy supports the agriculture industry by reducing operators’ time on machines and improving safety with technology that streamlines farm operations.
Dedicated to innovation

Step by step, we're building autonomous solutions with intention. Taking our customers with us on a journey to better.

We have spent decades learning our customers' businesses so we can help support your life's work. We don't quit. We innovate.

  • Positioning and orientation
  • Path perception
  • Sensor fusion
  • In-vehicle navigation
  • Fleet management and telematics
  • Guidance and steering
  • Positioning and orientation
  • Autonomous operations
  • Logistics
  • Transportation
Smart solutions with big benefits
No matter your industry focus, Trimble Autonomy delivers solutions that make an impact. Our technology meets you where you are and takes you to the next level.
Work smarter, faster
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Cut rework and costs
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Focus on safety
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Increase efficiency
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Leverage automation
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Grow the line
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Sustainability for safer mowing

Alternative power methods for precision

Absolute peace of mind

RTX for automotive applications
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Obstacles beware

Positioning and orientation solutions for construction