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worker connecting using a Trimble device
Do better work, no matter where you are
Take advantage of smarter technologies, seamless collaboration and unprecendented visibility to thrive in the modern world.
Connect what matters most

Innovation meets action. Software meets hardware. Office meets field.

With connectivity at the heart of Trimble solutions, our customers are able to integrate complex, real-time field data with productivity solutions in the office, data center or cloud.

Trimble solutions enable our customers to leverage cellular, radio, Bluetooth, satellite and Wi-Fi technologies to improve productivity and performance.

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Connected technologies for industrial applications
Trimble delivers connectivity solutions across several core industries:
Use precision agriculture solutions to get critical farm work done smarter, faster and more efficiently – from the office to the field, all year round.
technology connectivity agriculture cornfield irrigation
Deliver projects with more control through connected solutions that improve productivity, quality, transparency, safety and sustainability.
technology connectivity construction man tablet
Transform data into real-world intelligence using the most progressive, reliable and accurate tools in precision technology.
technology connectivity survey tsc7
Plan, design, build and operate projects and programs with a suite of products and services that help you make informed decisions and meet budget, sustainability and community resilience goals.
technology connectivity infrastructure survey sx10
Natural Resources
Increase efficiencies, reduce costs and step up sustainability commitments with intelligent solutions that deliver actionable information.
technology connectivity forestry tdc600
Create a more connected supply chain with solutions that improve decision-making and productivity while shrinking environmental impact.
technology connectivity transportation truck driver
Achieve resilient and sustainable utility networks by driving efficiencies in investment planning, design, construction, operations, and maintenance.
technology connectivity utilities r10 tablet
Build better teams and projects with connected solutions
Trimble's connected solutions provide a combination of collaboration and interoperability that brings a long list of benefits that cannot be achieved through point solutions alone.
technology modeling construction hololens
Limit environmental impact
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Make intelligent decisions
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Optimize task productivity
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Solve complex problems
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Improve operating results
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Focus on safety
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Creating a system of action

Escondido, California's water utility team combined sensor data, location intelligence and analytics tools to automate crucial alarms and alerts.

Work without paperwork

This heavy equipment dealer and maintenance company has eliminated administrative work for service technicians with real-time field data capture.