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CartoPac International, Inc.

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Glenn Vlass
724 Whalers Way, I-200
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone: +1 (970) 493.9500
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CartoPac International is a software and services company, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, providing field data collection solutions to meet organizations key business needs for efficient collection, inspection and management of key field assets. Using CartoPac solutions, data can be collected, managed, and rapidly shared across the enterprise, seamlessly integrating with GIS and other systems, while automating processes, improving data quality and enabling key enterprise spatial asset based decisions.

Strengths of the CartoPac Field Solutions include ease of use for field and office personnel, configuration to meet specific needs and workflows, and direct integration with GIS and other systems. Optimized for use with Trimble handheld mobile devices, CartoPac has implemented mobile solutions throughout numerous industries with excellent results. CartoPac software is ideal for oil and gas, municipalities, railroads, electric, or water/wastewater utilities, or anyone interested in collecting and managing large amounts of field data.


Anadarko Petroleum, USA
CartoPac created a powerful field data collection solution to support both the complex database and the required workflow steps for Anadarko pipeline group, while meeting the needs of the field staff. This CartoPac technology included tools integrated into the Esri ArcGIS environment to support the robust PODS data model as well as automating GPS post processing. The overall workflow is now streamlined and reduces the time and effort needed to complete field data collection projects. CartoPac has helped Anadarko reduce "data silos", allowing the corporate offices faster access to the high-quality data.

Chevron, USA
Chevron deployed a CartoPac mobile solution across all 26 U.S. field teams to provide a solid technology for remote personnel to complete their required tasks. The solution replaced a paper-based field data collection process with one that uses the CartoPac software within the Trimble® GeoExplorer® series GeoXH™ unit. This solution provides the field users a comprehensive and up-to-date view of their pipeline equipment. Facility inspectors and other field personnel use the solution to monitor existing field assets and perform required inspections. The system interfaces seamlessly with the existing PODS database and greatly reduces the time that it takes to get the field data to the decision-makers in Houston, TX, while guaranteeing the highest quality both in GPS position and in data integrity. 

Colorado State Forest Service, USA
A CartoPac Field Solution was implemented by the Colorado State Forest Service to handle the complex challenges faced in bringing WebDET and FVS databases into the field. The CartoPac technology addressed these challenges utilizing the ability to handle multiple relational databases; using custom forms on the Trimble mobile handheld device to accommodate the multiple workflows; and a seamless integration with Esri's ArcMap for data transfer from desktop to field. CartoPac provided a complete WebDET field solution that was able to meet the needs of a robust forest management plan in the field. Utilizing the WebDET online interface to "checkout" the personal geodatabase and the CartoPac Data Interchange for ArcGIS, users can easily get the WebDET data model into the field. Using CartoPac Enterprise custom forms on the mobile device, users are able to interface with the WebDET data model components such as subtypes, domains, and relationship classes to maintain the data integrity key to a successful WebDET field solution.


  • Forestry
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pipeline
  • Urban and Municipal
  • Utilities