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Discover how Trimble's hardware, software and service solutions can help you solve your industry's most complex challenges and uncover opportunities to work smarter.
What sets Trimble apart
Our passion for innovation, combined with 40+ years of digital insights, make Trimble uniquely qualified to solve the most complex physical-world problems for the many industries we serve.
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40+ years of industry leadership

25–50% efficiency gains over traditional solutions

Up to 30% cost savings over traditional solutions

15% of revenue reinvested in R&D

3,400 employees dedicated to product development

Sales & support networks in over 125 countries

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Trimble Protected dealer resources
case study

Routing the optimal path to fast tracks

What if you could explore and analyze countless railway design options with a mouse click? Discover how Trimble solutions are being used to do just that in Sweden's first-ever high-speed railway.
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Classifying the Caribbean's coral

Using satellite imagery and our eCognition image analysis software, scientists in the area are creating the first-ever high-resolution map of the Caribbean Basin's coral reefs.
case study

Harvesting more for less

With increased demands on production and energy efficiency, this UK agribusiness is using Trimble solutions to increase yields, minimize fuel consumption and reduce input costs.