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Protecting Critical Wildlife Habitats through Geospatial Technology
The Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area covers almost 600,000 hectares (about 2,300 mi2) of mountainous terrain in northern Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos). Its forests have been home to about 40 threatened species, including one of the last tiger populations in Indochina. The forests, like their inhabitants, urgently need protection.

Post-Quake 3D Scan Aids in Christchurch Cadastral Recovery
Within hours of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, a team of spatial imaging experts using a Trimble MX8 Mobile Spatial Imaging System captured 3D data of the damaged city.

FINNMAP (FM-International) Lays Foundations for GIS and Land Management in Guatemala and Cambodia
Finland's FINNMAP has carried out projects worldwide in more than 25 countries, including producing digital aerial photographs and maps for the development of base maps and hazard maps. for the Republic of Guatemala. FINNMAP also helped collect accurate GPS information, aerial photographs and orthophotos for 46 villages in several Cambodian provinces.

ARAUCO Relies on Trimble Harrier Mapping System for the World's Largest Forestry Inventory Project
Premier aerial mapping service provider Digimapas Chile (DMCL) uses Trimble imaging technology for massive client forest monitoring project in Latin America.

Trimble Imaging Technology Helps Aerometrex Group Efficiently Manage Orthophoto Production for Large-Scale Client Projects
Aerial Photography and Mapping Specialist Aerometrex Adopts Trimble's INPHO Suite for Tremendous Productivity Gains on Client Spatial Imaging Projects.

Sound Propagation Modeling: Urban Planning Using INPHO and eCognition
Sound-wave propogation models for traffic noise have been generated over an area of more than 20,000 km2 in Austria using INPHO and eCognition® software. The application detects and quantifies changes in forests, buildings, and water bodies using aerial laser scanning and orthophotos.

Signs of Change in Belgium
Question: How many road signs are there in the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium? Answer: We don't know for sure yet but we will soon. Not only that, but we'll know how many of each type, size and color, exactly where they are-and their condition.

'Trimble - Positioned For A Imaging Future'
Advertorial in Imaging magazine, June 2011 edition.
Trimble is well-known for applying its positioning technology and expertise to achieve productivity gains for its clients in survey, construction, agriculture and asset management. In 2007, Trimble began transferring this competency to the imaging field with the confidence that it could create customer value by applying a similar approach to the converging workflows in land survey, GIS and aerial mapping.