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Customer Testimonials

Accuracy and Efficiency in Remote Locations

An Australian company uses Trimble RTX technology to provide accuracy and productivity

Trimble CenterPoint RTX: High-Accuracy Correction Service (2017)

High-Accuracy Correction Service at Work on Alabama Farms

Remote Precision with CenterPoint RTX in South Africa (2017)

Trimble RTX technology brings accuracy and productivity to a wind farm in South Africa.

South Dakota Farmer Streamlines Planting

South Dakota farmer streamlines planting with Trimble CenterPoint® RTX correction service.

Trimble CenterPoint RTX: Increases Planting Precision

Farm owner and operator Tim Rist explains how Trimble CenterPoint RTX has helped him increase planting efficiency across his 5000 acre farm in southeast Nebraska.

Trimble CenterPoint RTX: Significant Savings

Nebraska Corn Farmer Anticipates Annual Savings of Approximately Seven to Eight Percent in Seed and Fuel as a Direct Result of Trimble’s CenterPoint RTX Service.

The Trimble VRS Now Advantage

In Spring 2007, Wheatridge, CO secured funding to record its entire storm-drainage infrastructure and incorporate the data into its GIS database. The project required a highly efficient workflow from start to finish. Flatirons, Inc. gained a significant a significant workflow advantage came in the form of Trimble VRS Now™ Service.

Real-Time Submeter Data Collection Survey

Land surveyors in one of the largest metropolitan district counsels of the United Kingdom embark on the most significant data collection survey they’ve ever undertaken. VRS Now was used to achieve the high accuracy they required.

A New View of Stonehenge

Modern technology answers some old questions, raises new ones about ancient mysterious site.

Studying Shifting Sand

Older residents of Cwm Ivy in South Wales remember tossing pennies from the cliffs above the coastline onto anchored boats below. Today, the edge of the sea has slipped out nearly 500 m (1,640 ft), and where there was once deep water is now sand dunes.