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Connecting the physical earth with the digital world
Transform the work of surveying, mapping, 3D modeling and more with the most progressive tools in precision technology.

Industry-leading accuracy and reliability

Designed by surveying and geospatial industry experts

The Trimble Geospatial Advantage
Use Trimble Geospatial hardware and software solutions to leverage automated workflows and high precision spatial data to inform intelligent decision making. Accurate and reliable geospatial information is at the core of our mission.

Land surveying

Maximize productivity and streamline workflows with high-performance GNSS and optical surveying solutions that set the standard for quality.

Mapping & GIS

Bring field operations and office workflows together seamlessly to maintain the highest data integrity.

Mobile mapping

Get your project done in record time with vehicle-mounted data capture systems and a complete field-to-finish workflow.
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Laser scanning

Boost efficiency in the field and office with scanners and software designed to streamline precise data capture and analysis.


Automate detection to monitor the movement dynamics of transportation assets, structures, dams and mines.


Fast and reliable measurement technology providing survey and construction professionals with confidence for each stage of a tunnel project.


Solve tough information-collection challenges with end-to-end hardware and software solutions.

Mine survey & monitoring

Survey and monitoring solutions for mine exploration, remediation, and every stage of your mining project.

Rail rolling stock

Manage the lifecycle of rail transport assets and rolling stock from operation through maintenance and repair.

Track surveying

Quickly and accurate capture the data needed to design, construct and maintain rail lines and manage rail assets.

Land administration

Automate and integrate land registries, cadastral mapping, and the permitting and licensing of land.

Storage tank

Use laser scanning technology and software to perform precise, accurate, storage tank inspections and calibrations.
Ensure productivity and quality in your information flows
Measure with confidence
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Efficiency and safety
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Make data-driven decisions
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Local support and training
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Restoring forests and degraded lands

Imagine planting enough new trees to cover a plot of land the size of Switzerland. It is a huge, almost overwhelming effort. Yet, a Dutch company is making it happen using our solutions.

Classifying the Caribbean's coral

Using satellite imagery and our eCognition image analysis software, scientists in the area are creating the first-ever high-resolution map of the Carribbean Basin's coral reefs.

Solving a century-old problem on an isolated island

A structural engineer works with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) to preserve a prime nesting ground for endangered seabirds.
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