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Correction Services for Land Administration

Trimble correction services provide improved positional accuracy for your land administration projects. Trimble RTX correction services allow for accurate cadastral projects to be carried out in the most remote regions worldwide.


  • Improved accuracy and efficiency with reduced infrastructure
  • Streamlined workflows and reduced risk that you will need to recollect data
  • High performance reference station networks provide confidence that collected data meets the required accuracy levels
  • Eliminate post-processing work back in the office
  • Satellite delivered Trimble RTX services allows users to work in remote locations worldwide without a base station

To learn more about Trimble's correction services for land administration, read our brochure.

Correction Services for Land Administration
Land Admin VRS Now

Obtain instant access to real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections utilizing a network of permanent (fixed) continuously operating reference stations.

LandAdmin CenterPoint RTX

CenterPoint RTX provides accuracy better than 2 cm RMS via satellite or cellular. No other satellite delivered correction service performs better.

LandAdmin RangePoint RTX

Broad accuracy correction service built on Trimble's exclusive RTX technology, providing < 50 cm repeatable accuracy via satellite or cellular delivery worldwide.

Land Admin ViewPoint RTX

Affordable, entry-level correction service built on Trimble's exclusive RTX technology, delivering sub-meter, repeatable accuracy worldwide.

Partner OmniSTAR

Offers a range of satellite or cellular delivered corrections services from < 10 cm to < 1 meter.