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Navigation, Guidance and Control Precise Position and Highly Accurate Orientation for Control

Navigation, Guidance and Control

Knowing exactly where an unmanned vehicle is at all times is a critical parameter in the safe operation of UAVs. Precise sub-meter reliable realtime position accuracy is required to support various navigation operations while the control aspect requires orientation. Trimble’s high performance OEM position and orientation modules provide both precise position and highly accurate orientation for control for applications like swarming, station keeping, precision mapping and precision landing. Trimble’s line of OEM precise positioning modules delivers robust, reliable and highly accurate sub-meter and centimeter-level real-time positioning. They are small, compact and low power to support even the smallest of UAV’s. They offer support for multi-constellation, multi-frequency, fast, reliable RTK and acquisition, with high accuracy roll + pitch and “True” heading measurements. To learn more about Navigation, Guidance and Control and Trimble's Integrated Technology Division visit our website at www.trimble.com/Precision-GNSS.