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Mapping and Survey GNSS-Inertial Systems for Direct Georeferencing on UAVs

Mapping and Survey

GNSS-Inertial Systems for Direct Georeferencing on UAVs

Applanix Corporation builds, delivers, and supports products and solutions designed specifically for the unmanned aerial survey industry. Applanix Direct Georeferencing technology works with UAV mapping sensors – including cameras, Light Detection and Ranging LIDAR (for consistency purposes), and hyperspectral sensors, to perform highly efficient mapping and surveying from a UAV. Direct Georeferencing cuts down on or even eliminates entirely the use of Ground Control Points (GCPs), thus reducing both the flight time and processing time required to generate final map products. Since 2003, Applanix has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Trimble. To learn more about Applanix and our technology for UAVs visit our website.


  • Improve data collection accuracy and efficiency 
  • Optimize workflow productivity
  • Safely and efficiently produce cost effective turnkey DSMs and orthos on demand
Precise Positioning and Direct Georeferencing
  • Maximize the efficiency and accuracy of mapping from UAVs using precise position and orientation from GNSS and Inertial
  • Produce complete ortho and DSM products with Trimble's SW solutions for digital photogrammetry and DTM management
Mapping Cameras
  • Achieve superior productivity with directly georeferenced mapping camera payloads for medium to large-sized UAV's