A Message to our Trimble Community about COVID-19
Transforming the way the world works
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A Message From Our CEO

Here at Trimble, we are committed to transforming the way the world works.

The health of our planet and our communities are under threat; more transformation is needed. Positive sustainability impacts have always been woven into our work, realized both internally and through our customer’s application of Trimble technology. We believe in this; it is who we are. And now current realities require even more accelerated focus and stepped up ambitions. In the pages ahead in our first Sustainability Report, you will read about many efforts underway. We are committed to providing transparency into our journey, both where we are now and where we are heading. There is much work to do.

The Covid-19 crisis showed that we have an extraordinary ability to change rapidly while facing adversity. We came together as One Trimble community to align our priorities and tackle the complex dual goals of keeping our people safe while keeping the business running. We are leveraging what we learned and who we are to keep addressing the challenges around us. Harnessing the powerful focus and energy of Trimble’s people, we are investing in combating climate change, ensuring inclusion, increasing diversity, and engaging with our communities. Complicated problems can’t be solved overnight - and we will employ urgency and relentless commitment to drive needed change. Together, we can:

Inspire… with our commitment to building a sustainable future. We need to be leaders in our industry and demonstrate - in our words and actions - that these critical problems are high priorities.

Engage… by listening to the Sustainability challenges of our customers, suppliers and employees. To create solutions that help the earth, communities, and stakeholders, we must start with listening.

Achieve… through putting our good intentions into action. We will create solutions from what we learn that will improve the lives of our people and enable our customers to increase sustainability by doing their work better, faster, safer, cheaper and greener.

I am full of hope that Trimble will help create a sustainable future because I know who we are. We have 11,000+ people who show up with insight and heart every day. When we focus on a problem, we transform the way the world works.

We've got this.