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Small Business Program

Our Philosophy

At Trimble, we believe working with small businesses makes good business sense. To ensure this value is continually realized, Trimble established a program to support the development of small businesses. We do this by proactively seeking diverse small business suppliers that meet our corporate goals; we also work with them long-term, seeking to empower them to attain their goals and objectives. Trimble relies on the talents and expertise of our suppliers who can provide a value-add product or service. Because of this, we believe our commitment to small businesses strengthens our own market position.

Small Business Commitment

Trimble is committed to identifying and promoting opportunities for disadvantaged, women-owned, HubZone, veteran-owned and service-disabled veteran small businesses to the maximum extent practicable.

Trimble's Small Business Program (SBP) is comprised of eight core components.

  • Program Core: The program infrastructure: Staffing and support Team and Program Components

  • Strategic Plan: The SBP plan for accomplishing specific objectives in a given year

  • Management Participation: The SBP has full executive management support and participation

  • Customer Requirements: SB requirements generated by Trimble customers

  • Small Business Goals: SBP sets subcontracting goals to attain each year

  • Internal Efforts: SBP is self-administrating

  • External Efforts: SBP efforts to promote the program and to identify and assist Small Businesses

  • Program Review: A semi-annual review/assessment of the SBP accomplishments and success against goals

These interdependent components support and enhance each other, resulting in a robust program that ensures the success of the Small Business Program.

Involvement in Trimble's Small Business Program can provide significant benefits to your bottom line. As a small business supplier, you can gain:

  • Increased revenue

  • Business advice

  • Technical assistance

  • Cross-divisional service opportunities

  • Tools/equipment loan program

  • Progress payments where appropriate

  • Trade fairs/seminars opportunities

  • Enhanced credibility with Trimble affiliation

  • And much more

Success Story

Allcom attended the Sunnyvale Fair early in 2017. One of the engineers, Aubrey Calder, was interested in what Allcom had to offer and contacted Allcom to see if they would partner with Trimble. The request was for a time-critical basis to design, prototype and then manufacture a customized, proprietary NMO Mount for Trimble specific project. Engineering specs were submitted along with drawings and samples of the initial prototype. The design was agreed upon in the early summer of 2017 and was displayed at the Trimble Small Business Vendor Show in August. As a highly specialized project, this opportunity gave Allcom the expertise to work on similar projects in the future.

Get officially recognized as a Small Business and start doing business with Trimble.

  1. Complete and submit the Small Business Supplier Profile form.

  2. After your form is received, you will receive a message with the buyers and commodity managers for which there is a commodity match. Trimble buyers and commodity managers will also be notified of the commodity match with your business.

  3. As an official Trimble Small Business Supplier, your profile information will appear on the front page of our Small Business website.

For Existing Suppliers

Small Business Classification Certification (PDF)

Trimble is always seeking to identify new small businesses to join our team of suppliers. Get in touch with us to learn more about how being a part of the SBP can benefit your business.

By mail:

Small Business Program

Trimble Inc.

10368 Westmoor Dr.

Westminster, CO 80021


By email:

At events, activities, tradeshows and conferences:

Trimble is always seeking to identify new small businesses to join our team of suppliers. One of the ways that we locate new businesses is by participating in outreach events that can provide exposure to a wide range of suppliers.

When permissible Trimble also conducts their own Small Business networking events annually at both our Sunnyvale and Dayton sites. This is an excellent time when small businesses can meet and talk with buyers, commodity managers and engineers. Trimble also virtually reaches out to potential vendors as well as existing vendors on a yearly basis.

Trimble is supported by several external supplier diversity advocacy organizations, councils, agencies, groups and publications. Use the links below to find diverse supplier lists, business opportunities, access to capital, diversity happenings, workshops and upcoming events.

Disclaimer: The links on this web page are provided for convenience and reference only and do not constitute an endorsement by Trimble. Trimble has no control over these links and is not responsible for any content, solicitation or graphics contained on the noted websites.