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Trade Compliance

The Customs Modernization Act of 1993 (Mod Act) fundamentally altered the relationship between importers and the Customs Service. The Mod Act shifted the legal responsibility to the importer for declaring the value, classification and other information necessary to assess the correct duty rate applicable to entered merchandise. The Mod Act also required importers to use reasonable care to assure the Customs Services is provided accurate and timely data. Finally the Mod Act increased the maximum civil and criminal penalties for negligent or fraudulent failure to comply with Customs.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Trimble Inc. meets its responsibility to comply with the import and export laws and regulations of the United States and all other countries where it conducts business. This responsibility is a matter of U.S. law, and failure to meet it exposes the company to shipment delays, monetary penalties, loss of import/export privileges or even criminal prosecution of individual company employees.

Strategies for success

  • Directed Internal Controls

  • Risk Assessment

  • Management Visibility

  • Assessment per Commodity/Product

  • Strategic Partner Alliances

  • Communication

  • Training - Internal/External

  • Ongoing Assessment

It is the policy of Trimble Inc. to comply strictly with U.S. Government and host government laws and regulations when importing, exporting or re-exporting. The company’s business goals never under any circumstances justify the violations of these laws.

In furtherance of this policy, no person acting for or on behalf of Trimble Inc. will ship, mail, hand carry or in any other way export any products (whether new or used, entire units or parts), or any technical data from the United States, or knowingly cause or permit any other person to do so, without being certain.

  • That such export may lawfully be made to the intended recipient in the intended country of destination;

  • That the export is either covered by a license exception or an export license has been obtained; and

  • That all documentation required for the export has been properly prepared and accompanies the export.

Export End Use Certification

Orders shipped to or billed to countries listed on the U.S. Department of Commerce D Group Country List, will require submission of a complete, signed Export End Use Certification form. Orders are prevented from booking until the Export End Use form has been received. This form provides written assurance that Trimble product will not be used by, or in, any nuclear, missile, or Chemical/Biological weaponry end user or end uses. This information will also be reviewed to determine any export licensing requirements.

This form is to be completed by the end user. Completion of the Export End Use Certification form does not replace any export licensing requirements.

Meet on time delivery while ensuring global trade requirements are met. Implement controls to manage international expenses for import and export activities. Provide direction to Trimble in the development of new international business opportunities. Mitigate risk through issue resolution, education and strategic planning. Affect global trade controls through established policies and processes.