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Accelerate digital project delivery
Deliver projects that make positive impacts on your community and the environment.

Up to 30% machine productivity and fuel savings

Up to 20% increase in water efficiency

Technology solutions that build infrastructure better
Improve how you plan, design, construct and maintain assets with integrated infrastructure solutions.
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Roads and bridges

Elevate your digital transformation with Trimble's infrastructure planning solutions for roads, highways and bridge construction projects.

Aviation and ports

Modernize pre-construction and capital improvement planning, quality control, project delivery and field operations with Trimble’s aviation and ports infrastructure solutions.
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Mass transit

From feasibility studies through construction and operation, Trimble’s rail infrastructure solutions provide important benefits to keep your operation running smoothly and safely.

Water and wastewater

Create more resilient, sustainable and safe communities with Trimble’s scalable, end-to-end solutions that track water and wastewater utilities infrastructure.

Internet accessibility

Use Trimble’s communications infrastructure solutions to optimize broadband planning and fiber prioritization, and mitigate telecommunication disruption and rework.


Drive efficiencies in investment planning, network design, construction, operations and maintenance for reliable and resilient networks with Trimble’s energy infrastructure solutions.
Meet the demands of today's and tomorrow's infrastructure
Build resiliency
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Minimize risk and rework
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Stay in budget, on schedule
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Improve sustainability
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Adapt to labor shortages
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Drive efficiency everywhere
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Keeping an airport expansion on time

Faster, more accurate paving? Dynamic schedules? Holistic project views? Beijing Urban Construction Group achieved all that and more in their Maldives airport project.

Rethinking wastewater monitoring

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission uses Trimble remote monitoring technologies to capture and store wastewater infrastructure information, process alerts, and improve environmental compliance.

Routing the optimal path to fast track 1

What if you could explore and analyze countless railway design options with a mouse click? Discover how Trimble solutions are being used to do just that in Sweden's first-ever high-speed railway.
Learn more about how Trimble integrated infrastructure solutions are transforming the way the world works.