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Digital transformation for the entire asset lifecycle
Make substantial productivity gains in construction through digitization
Digital solutions for design through operations and maintenance
Trimble’s domain expertise in capturing and processing geospatial, construction, project management, and asset maintenance data allows you to create a living digital twin of an asset.

Enable collaboration and share information with key stakeholders

Track everything in real-time, from inventory to timeline and budget

Create a digital as-built that serves as a central hub of information

Here’s how Trimble technology can transform your business.
We’re here to help, let us guide you through the complete asset lifecycle journey.

For infrastructure and capital improvement owners, digital transformation means adopting digital technology that improves workflows and bridges the gaps between different processes to improve construction outcomes. Digital Transformation provides benefits across your entire project and asset lifecycle:

  • Planning: Digitized capital planning tools automate the process of coordinating stakeholders, maintaining current historical and potential project planning data, and managing cash flow.
  • Design: With a digital design collaboration in place, you can manage the design phase of your CIP from one control location, easily process submissions and approvals, and automatically maintain version control for all design files.
  • Procurement: Digital tools allow you to open bids and solicit bidders, distribute bid packages and issue addenda, respond to questions and send updates, and compile bid responses in a standard format.
  • Construction: When project management is digitized, it can eliminate data silos to enable real-time tracking and visibility across the whole project. You can then automatically assess how changes affect the overall project.
  • Operations: Digital solutions store everything from as-built documents to warranty information to building information modeling (BIM) reference models, helping team members access final information while keeping everything running smoothly.

Trimble's Asset Lifecycle Management solutions support the entire asset lifecycle—covering the design and construct phases of a project through operations and maintenance.

Advanced solutions for intelligent infrastructure and optimized asset management
Connect and modernize all aspects of the design, construct, operate and maintain phases of the asset lifecycle with Trimble.

Reduce rework in the field and increase productivity on projects with automated progress updates and true collaboration between the office and field. Trimble empowers you to create transparency, visibility, predictability and more control into your infrastructure projects.

Boost productivity up to 22% with digital, lean transformation
Facilitate technology adoption and implementation success, both in the field and office
Digital transformation for your infrastructure
Let's discuss how you can modernize the processes used in the design, construct, operate and maintain phases of your infrastructure assets.

Asset Owners Have Digitized Their Internal Workflows. What's the Next Frontier?

This interview style article covers the Dodge Construction Network’s recently released Connected Construction: The Owners’ Perspective Report, how owners are choosing to digitally transform, and about the problem in construction "lonely digital transformation".

Nye Veier Case Study

“We needed a platform where we could receive project data from the design engineer and the contractor in a coherent and effective way, throughout the design and construction phase.” –Børge Lundhaug, Project Manager, Nye Veier

Simplifying damage restitution for MnDOT case study

“We can process refunds much quicker than before, because we are no longer delayed by an external accounts billable department.” –Michael Robbins, GIS Specialist, Great Neck Water Pollution Control District
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All Resources

Digital transformation for your infrastructure
Let's discuss how you can modernize the processes used in the design, construct, operate and maintain phases of your infrastructure assets.