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Select from hundreds of expert-led sessions, live demos and hands-on workshops to expand your skills and find new solutions to industry-specific challenges.
Find sessions specific to the solutions you use
Our agenda is packed with content to help you get the most out of the technology solutions relevant to the work you do.
Viewpoint sessions
New this year, the Collaborate conference is part of Dimensions+, featuring all the training, insights and technology you expect, along with everything Dimensions+ has to offer.
e-Builder sessions
The Elevate conference for construction owners is now part of Dimensions+. Get all the same industry expertise, knowledge and connection, plus so much more.
Find sessions on technologies to help you do your life's work better
Dimensions+ offers hundreds of options to learn how technology can improve your end-to-end operations by automating, systemizing and connecting your data, people and processes.
The pace of innovation keeps getting faster. At Dimensions+, we’re offering sessions to help get you up to speed on the emerging technology trends transforming the way we work.


Find out why so many companies believe investing in sustainability is a strategy integral to long-term success, and how you can do the same.
Next-Gen Workforce

Next-Gen Workforce

As the workforce becomes increasingly diverse, learn how to sharpen your competitive edge by rethinking the way you attract, train and retain employees.


Learn how automation technology is helping businesses to increase productivity, attract skilled labor and stay competitive. And find out what it takes to uplevel your business.


Discover how technology and digital product delivery are redefining the way we use data to drive decision-making, and why that is vital to the future of infrastructure projects.
All this and more, only at Dimensions+
Connect with us in Las Vegas this November for three days of unforgettable experiences, applicable ideas and enduring inspiration.