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Trimble Europe B.V. (TEBV)
As a global supplier of solutions and services, Trimble manages fulfillment and operations worldwide through TEBV, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trimble.
Serving customers around the world

Founded in 2007, TEBV creates efficiency with a customer-driven strategy, contract management and alignment, and shared service initiatives. TEBV makes it easier for customers outside of the United States to do business with Trimble. It is one of the leading forces within the Trimble group of companies, connecting and advancing innovation efforts, intellectual property development and management and digital transformation for the many industries we serve.



Use precision ag solutions to get critical farm work done smarter, faster, and more efficiently – from the office to the field, all year round


Deliver projects with more control through connected solutions that improve productivity, quality, transparency, safety and sustainability.


Transform data into real-world intelligence using the most progressive, reliable and accurate tools in precision technology.


Provide the services constituents expect today and tomorrow with solutions that can help you manage projects from conception to completion.


Plan, design, build and operate projects and programs with a suite of products and services that help you make informed decisions and meet budget, sustainability and community resilience goals.

Natural Resources

Increase efficiencies, reduce costs and step up sustainability commitments with intelligent solutions that deliver actionable information.


Create a more connected supply chain with solutions that improve decision-making and productivity while shrinking environmental impact.


Achieve resilient and sustainable utility networks by driving efficiencies in investment planning, design, construction, operations, and maintenance.

Distribution services

TEBV handles the distribution for Trimble entities for a number of markets, using two regional fulfilment centers. The Dayton (Ohio, USA) distribution center supplies customers in North America, South America, and Asia with Trimble products. The Eindhoven (The Netherlands) distribution center is responsible for supplying customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Both distribution centers are ISO 9001 certified, with the European distribution center holding a TAPA-A and AEO certificate and acting as customs warehouse, with all customs licenses owned by Trimble.

Financial services

TEBV is the leading company in Europe and financially the second largest entity within the Trimble Group. From our office in Best in the Netherlands TEBV supports many of Trimble’s businesses and legal entities across the EMEA region. Our Financial Shared Services Center processes all of the financial transactions within the TEBV group of entities to comply with local statutory and US GAAP regulations. The Financial Shared Services team is part of the Corporate Finance organization which reports into the Office of Trimble’s CFO. This dedicated team helps customers and suppliers with all their financial questions. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

People eXperience

In every region that TEBV has an operation, regional People eXperience members work on fulfilling our commitment to creating a great place to work and to building an extraordinary team. “Extraordinary” means individuals and teams who strive for extraordinary results while exemplifying our culture. That means we strive to hire, engage, retain, and grow our employees — and being inclusive and diverse in this pursuit.



Trimble Europe B.V.

Industrieweg 187A

5683 CC Best

The Netherlands