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People & Planet
A global company powered by a global community
It’s our life's work to protect and support our most valuable assets: our people and our planet.
Our people
Engaging the right people with the right skills to deliver the right outcomes is our formula for success.
Our planet
It’s our home–and our responsibility to look after it.
Environmental policy

We recognize climate change as a significant global challenge and are committed to continually improving the environmental performance of our business operations.

Our plan for protecting the planet:

  • Meet or exceed global environmental laws and regulations
  • Increase the use of sustainable materials in our products
  • Expand recycling programs for our products
  • Ensure that our suppliers adhere to environmental standards
  • Operate our offices sustainably
Climate action

Trimble is acting with urgency to combat the negative impacts of climate change by reducing our carbon footprint and by providing innovative solutions to enable our customers to do the same. We are also setting science-based targets in line with the commitment to keep global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees celsius.

Environmental, social and governance excellence

We are committed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria that align our purpose, our culture and our corporate strategy to benefit our customers, our shareholders and our stakeholders.