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Daniel Tal
Daniel Tal - Bio

Daniel Tal is author of Google SketchUp for Site Design. Daniel has worked in the architectural and landscape design industry as a project manager for over 14 years. Daniel has completed a second book called Rendering in SketchUp to be published in March 11, 2013. He writes articles for various publications including Landscape Architecture Magazine.

Daniel teaches SketchUp workshops across the country and online. He is currently teaching annual classes at the University of Maryland. He provides online SketchUp webinars throughout the year. He regularly speaks at national trade conferences including the American Society of Landscape Architecture.

Daniel provides contract modeling and rendering services to architects, landscape designers, engineers and municipalities.

Daniel consults with several software companies providing demonstrations at conference, feedback on user needs and helps beta test future releases. He is currently consulting with the Trimble SketchUp developers, Dynascape and ARTVPS, the makers of Shaderlight. Daniel worked with SketchUp to help develop the Sandbox tools to for terrain and organic modeling and is currently working on future tools and developments for Trimble SketchUp.