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Project Spectrum
Connecting people on the autism spectrum with software to develop 3D design skills and open the door into minds full of pictures.
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Our Story
Project Spectrum was started after discovering that 3D modeling can be a powerful tool for individuals on the autism spectrum. 

A surprising discovery

People with autism tend to be unusually strong visual and spatial thinkers, making 3D design a great fit. The team increasingly started to hear how SketchUp was changing the lives of children on the autism spectrum. Once that connection was made, Project Spectrum was formed.

Putting ideas into action

Project Spectrum provides SketchUp to middle and high school students with autism, along with free training, to help them develop their 3D modeling skills and express their ideas. Since 2007, the creative outlet provided by Project Spectrum has helped students build self-confidence, further educational success, and prepare for future careers.

Opening new possibilities

For some children on the spectrum, especially those who are nonverbal, SketchUp offers as a way to share their thoughts through images. Other kids learn life skills that help them to achieve educational and career goals they might not have otherwise considered.

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Education & Outreach
Trimble offers many opportunities for today's students to access resources and knowledge to help them plan their careers and make an impact in the livelihood of the world.
From modeling tree houses to building intricate, energy-efficient homes, SketchUp is the most widely used 3D design program in the world.