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Alyssa Schorer
Alexander Schreyer

Alyssa earned her MS in Structural Engineering from University of Wisconsin Madison after completing a BS in Civil Engineering at Tulane University. She worked as a structural engineer at a California-based design firm that focused on lean construction and cutting edge design methodology. She was first introduced to Tekla Structures at this company, which was one of the few that encouraged engineers to model their own designs. In 2014 she Co-Founded DNA Detailing & BIM in pursuit of a passion she had found for modeling and integrating new technologies into the construction industry. At DNA Detailing, the main focus is providing BIM models for coordination through fabrication. Her previous design experience gives her a unique perspective on construction and fabrication, and she hopes to use this knowledge to help the industry embrace the new technologies available. At DNA Alyssa has worked on a variety of high-profile commercial projects including the Apple Headquarters, Facebook Campus, hospitals and mid-rise mixed use buildings. Alyssa has been modeling in Tekla Structures for 9 years. She enjoys guest lecturing at university BIM courses and learning about new ways to implement technology into her own work.