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Trimble's WNRO Principles

Trimble is committed to thoroughly validating our products for WNRO readiness, and for supplying accurate information to our resellers and customers.

These principles address concerns involving the GPS Week Number Rollover event and have been prepared by Trimble to assist its customers and resellers to understand the nature of these concerns, and to state Trimble's commitment to support its customers.

Trimble's Products

Since starting business in 1978, Trimble has shipped millions of GPS units.  These are comprised of hundreds of GPS products with thousands of versions of software and firmware that are subject to frequent change. Recognizing the potential WNRO issues, Trimble has been and is continuing to review its products.  Based on its review to date, Trimble has determined that its products fall into three basic categories:

A product is "Compliant" if Trimble has analyzed it and believes that the product will not produce errors as a result of the GPS WNRO occurring on April 6, 2019.

A product is "Upgradable" if Trimble has determined it can be made Compliant via existing software or firmware updates that are installable by Trimble, Trimble dealers or by the user, without hardware modification.

A product is noncompliant if it is neither Compliant nor Upgradable as defined above.

Publish Findings

As we complete our compliance review for each product that contains GPS, we will inform our customers, resellers and distributors of its Compliant, Upgradable or Noncompliant status.

We will publish this information through reseller support bulletins and publicly on our website at www.trimble.com/wnro. If a product is not listed, let us know; it should be considered noncompliant until they are listed otherwise.

Respond to Resellers & Customers

We will respond with available information to customer, reseller and distributor inquiries about the WNRO status of any particular product.

We will respond promptly to customer, reseller and distributor requests for guidance with regard to any procedures that are required or recommended for WNRO Compliant and Upgradable products to operate properly through the rollover.

Furnish Upgrades to Customers with Upgradable Products

We will provide available upgrades to customers with Upgradable products, through our network of resellers or direct account representatives, upon the customer's request.

Trimble will not charge customers for the minimum firmware version required for a product to operate correctly after WNRO for products that are Upgradable.

Provide Information Regarding Available Product Alternatives to Customers with Noncompliant Products

If a product is Noncompliant we will work with our customers, resellers or distributors to provide information on product alternatives, upon request.