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Since 1978, our industry-specific solutions have helped customers achieve economic breakthroughs while enhancing safety, boosting compliance, and reducing environmental impact—from feeding the growing global population and moving the goods of commerce to next-generation building and infrastructure. Our mission, Transforming the Way the World Works, drives our business to benefit all stakeholders—including employees, stockholders, customers, communities, and the world at large.

Paper Transport Thumb
Trimble Dispatch Advisor Increases Efficiency and Reduces Empty Miles for Over-the-Road Carrier
As Paper Transport grew, so did its need for accurate information. Paper Transport started searching for a dispatch system that would ensure drivers were well matched to assignments, and that data about each driver, customer, asset and load was up to date. Empty miles were another concern, and the company wanted a system that would help control or eliminate this environmental problem.

H.R. Ewell Thumb
Reducing Fuel Usage and Enhancing Efficiency with Trimble Fleet Management
H.R. Ewell, Inc., opened its doors in 1946 and is now one of the leading bulk food-grade carriers in the U.S. The company is committed to providing the highest level of service while increasing sustainable practices.

brink farm truck
Trimble TMT Fleet Management Boosts Efficiency and Reduces Overstock for Michigan Agricultural Hauler
Brink Farms, a third-generation transportation carrier, was struggling to manage the parts inventory and repair costs for its 55-truck fleet. The company needed a fleet maintenance solution that would streamline workflow and minimize waste while providing accurate information on cost per unit for each truck and trailer.

Endeavor Energy Thumb
Resources & Utilities
Powered to Predict the Future for Energy Resilience
Trimble’s vegetation analytics tools are a crystal ball for Australia’s Endeavor Energy. Targeting one of the utility industry’s most significant business challenges—vegetation management—the foresight is enabling the utility to pinpoint and predict vegetation risks before they become a costly hazard.

PX Farms Thumb
Resources & Utilities
Harvesting More For Less
As a lifeblood industry, farmers must feed millions while growing their crops—and farms—sustainably. With increased demands on production and energy efficiency, one UK agribusiness is using Trimble solutions to increase yields, reduce fuel and minimize input.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Thumb
Resources & Utilities
Environmental Monitoring Protects Crucial Wastewater Infrastructure
The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) focuses on availability and sustainable management of three essential utility services—water, wastewater and electric power—with the help of Trimble's Telog remote monitoring platform.

Land Life Thumb
Trimble Catalyst Boosts Efforts to Restore Forests and Degraded Lands
Imagine planting enough new trees to cover a plot of land the size of Switzerland. Now do it again and again, maybe 500 times, until you’ve covered two billion hectares. It’s a huge, almost overwhelming effort. Yet a Dutch company using Trimble solutions is making it happen.

RTX Gough Island
Trimble CenterPoint RTX Correction Service Helps Solve Century-Old Problem on an Isolated Island
A structural engineer works with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) to preserving a prime nesting ground for endangered seabirds. Faced with a challenging environment on a remote island, he uses Trimble technology to help protect the birds from an insidious threat.

Caribbean Coral Thumb
Classifying the Caribbean’s Coral
Using satellite imagery and Trimble’s eCognition image analysis software, scientists in the Caribbean are creating the first-ever high-resolution map of the basin’s coral reefs. The insightful tool will help conserve the coral reefs in the region and the livelihoods of the locals who depend on them.

Buildings & Infrastructure
Routing the Optimal Path to High-Speed Rail
What if you could explore and analyze countless railway design options with a mouse click? Discover how one design and engineering company in Sweden is using Trimble technology to do just that in plotting alignment scenarios for Sweden’s first-ever high-speed railway.

Designing for Net Zero Energy
Buildings & Infrastructure
Designing for Net Zero Energy
With the help of Trimble’s energy analysis software, an architecture firm’s design team balanced building envelope performance and renewable energy generation to produce a sustainable affordable housing solution within a limited budget.

MJ Church_thumb
Buildings & Infrastructure
Connected Construction Technology Streamlines Restoration Project
To optimize the efficiency of its modern, multi-brand fleet of construction machinery, civil engineering contractor MJ Church uses the latest machine control, 3D design, and project monitoring and reporting technology offered by Trimble. The Connected Construction solutions maximize productivity, reduce rework, and improve safety on an important landscape restoration project in England.