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Our industry-specific solutions help customers achieve economic breakthroughs while enhancing safety, boosting compliance, and reducing environmental impact.

Trimble connects the digital and physical worlds to improve environmental sustainability, maximize productivity, and ensure safety in the construction, transportation, geospatial, and agricultural industries, among others. By transforming how the world’s work gets done, our solutions work to further our RCC impact. 

Sustainability at Trimble

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Feeding the world’s booming population requires maximized farm production. Trimble’s precision agriculture portfolio has revolutionized traditional farming practices by enabling farmers to increase efficiencies, enhance productivity, and improve crop performance, all while reducing costs and optimizing inputs.

Case Study

Trimble Irrigate-IQ Solution - VRI Irrigation FarmersBrothers Chris and Harold Perry are farmers in Alberta, Canada.  Hills and depressions can cause variability in water application, resulting in inconsistent quality, quantity, and storage lifespan of their potato crop. Using a variable rate irrigation (VRI) system and Trimble’s Irrigate-IQ solution, nearly 100% of the VRI potatoes were put into long-term storage, and 10% more acres were harvested. 

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A prosperous world requires robust infrastructure.  Trimble continues to transform this industry's work across the entire planning, design, build, and operating lifecycle through the deployment of advanced automation solutions, precision machine control, 3D software, site positioning, mobile technologies, and real time connectivity. 

Case Study

Trimble's Rockies Campus was constructed using Trimble technology.  As a result, excavation was completed 30% faster than anticipated; structural steel shop drawing review time was 33% faster than similar projects; embed placement was 100% accurate; mechanical, engineering, plumbing layout, and hanger installation was completed four weeks faster than projected; and field layout was reduced.

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Trimble geospatial technologies are transforming the work of professionals across the globe engaged in surveying, mapping, GIS, 3D modeling, land administration, and the environment.

Case Study

UASMasterThe A719 road expansion in Central France included the construction of a 14 kilometer (8.7 mile) motorway link between the cities of Gannat and Vichy. Looking for enhanced productivity and grade accuracy, the job contractor adopted Trimble® Business Center.  Roadwork was completed, 16 separate civil engineering works were installed, and ten water retention ponds and one toll plaza were completed--all in two years.

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In a world of fluctuating fuel costs and just in time delivery, Trimble transportation and logistics solutions bring efficiency and visibility into fleet operations for cleaner, greener, safer, and more profitable operations.

Case Study

Night Traffic ThumbPeopleNet, a Trimble company, offers products used by more than 1,500 transportation fleets in the United States and Canada.  PeopleNet helped USA Logistics Carriers, a 570 truck fleet, identify cost savings efficiency improvements totaling nearly $3.5 million.  PeopleNet also reduced communication and process costs resulting in better customer service.  Fleet MPG has increased from 5.5 to 6.9, a substantial hard-cost savings.

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Trimble's technological innovation and leadership spans more than 60 years and is central to what we do.  

Investing in Acquisitions

Over the last ten years, Trimble has invested more than $2.6B in acquisitions in order to accelerate the execution of our strategy.

In November 2015, Trimble acquired Agri-Trend, which operates the largest network of independent agricultural consultants in North America. Agri-Trend’s consulting solutions and data management software enable growers to make informed business decisions that better allocate scarce resources to produce safe and environmentally sustainable food. 

In February 2016, Trimble acquired Sefaira, a leading developer of cloud-based software for the design of sustainable and high-performance buildings. Sefaira software enables designers to create buildings that have the very best performance characteristics in terms of energy use, day-lighting quality, carbon emissions, thermal comfort, construction, and operating costs. Sefaira has won a variety of industry awards and has been named as a Global Cleantech 100 company in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Case Study

Planning for the Khobab Wind Farm in South Africa involved determining the location for 61 large wind turbines capable of powering 120,000 homes.  Using Trimble's R2 GNSS receiver and and CenterPoint® RTX solution, all necessary points for the project were collected in one day rather than three. In addition to cutting the time on-site by two-thirds, the system’s accuracy consistently exceeded the project requirements.