Trimble 3D Laser Scanning

Power Process and Plant - Trimble LASERGen Viewer

LASERGen Viewer

LASERGen Viewer is a standalone application for dynamic visualization of 3D laser scan data and CAD models from MicroStation® and AutoCAD®. Reduce design time and costly rework by designing from accurate real world data.

  • Dynamically walk through LASERGen point clouds and CAD models
  • Measure point to point and delta distances in point clouds and CAD models
  • Manage point clouds and CAD models for multiple projects
  • Define and manage demolition areas
  • Easily toggle the display of point clouds, CAD models, and demolition areas for design review
  • Assign colors to clearly visualize demolition areas or compare point clouds
  • Detect interferences between LASERGen point clouds and CAD models

Demonstration Videos

Dynamically navigate laser scan data and CAD models outside the CAD environment and effectively manage the display of high resolution scan data.

Detect and review interferences between laser scans and CAD models.

Create and view demolition areas on laser scan projects and remove these areas for interference detection against CAD models.

Adjust clip volumes to view areas of interest in laser scan data, take measurements and obtain coordinates.