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WNRO Readiness

The following table lists the WNRO status, minimum required firmware version, and latest firmware version of certain Trimble products. Products that are not listed here are undergoing evaluation for compliance, and the results will be posted when they become available. For products with a WNRO Status of "Upgradable," the minimum firmware version is required to operate properly after WNRO. Although not needed for this WNRO event, Trimble generally recommends using the latest firmware version, which can enable customers to leverage the complete range of product features and benefits.

The product WNRO status reported in this table is based upon the results of testing and analysis performed by Trimble using techniques intended to simulate reasonably anticipated WNRO events and circumstances, based on information available in advance of the actual WNRO events. Since Trimble cannot always control or precisely simulate the manner in which GPS satellites may be operated and perform during the actual WNRO events, real world results may be different. You should contact Trimble WNRO Support if you experience product issues. In addition, users should be aware that a compliant product may still have issues if it is operated in conjunction with incompatible equipment, software or data.

Product WNRO Status info
A product is "Compliant" if Trimble has analyzed it and believes that the product will not produce errors as a result of the GPS WNRO occurring on April 6, 2019.

A product is "Upgradable" if Trimble has determined it can be made Compliant via existing software or firmware updates that are installable by Trimble, Trimble dealers/distributors or by the user, without hardware modification.

A product is “Noncompliant” if it is neither Compliant nor Upgradable as defined above.
Minimum Latest Notes
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Are you looking for a product that isn't on the list? Please reach out to your reseller or contact us directly, and we'll get back to you shortly.

The information in this table is advisory and represents the information available to Trimble at this time. It is subject to updates and users are advised to look for updates applicable to their products. While Trimble is committed to supporting its customers in addressing WRNO related product issues, Trimble's obligations regarding Trimble products shall continue to be governed exclusively by the terms and conditions under which Trimble products are sold.