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Navigation Guidance & Control

Navigation, Guidance & Control


Form your own position and attitude solution using multiple antennas and GNSS receiver modules with the help of Trimble's powerful moving baseline RTK technology. For higher level OEM solutions, we offer a wide variety of powerful ruggedized GNSS based multi-antenna heading and attitude products in commercial off the shelf plug-and-play configurations.

Taking a step towards technology integration for higher productivity, Trimble now offers integrated GNSS precise positioning and communications solutions in a highly compact form-factor. Leverage different communications technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GSM for data transfer in unique work scenarios like network based RTK or DGPS applications. The in-built web interface offers a host of easy to use features and access to powerful cloud based technologies like receiving Trimble® RTX™ and OmniSTAR® global differential corrections over GSM, global internet connectivity and centimeter level RTK positioning.