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The Thunderbolt® Lab Kit

GPS Frequency and Time Reference Kit for Laboratory, Manufacturing and Research
  • Easy to deploy lab reference clock locks to satellite atomic clocks
  • GPS disciplined oscillator generates highly stable frequency and time outputs
  • Satellite time reference may be selected from GPS or UTC
  • Improve frequency CMC in accreditation scope
  • Complete kit with combined GPS receiver and oscillator, antenna, cables and power adapter
  • Low cost reference
Product Information

The Thunderbolt® Lab Kit

Accurate Frequency and Time Reference

Laboratories and research facilities often need a high-accuracy frequency and time standard. Possession of such as standard improves the CMC (Calibration and Measurement Capacity) of the laboratory leading to opportunities for increased business and revenue. With the Thunderbolt® E GPS disciplined oscillator (GPS-DO) you can achieve high accuracy in a less complex and more cost effective way. This combination of GPS receiver and oscillator is inherently "on time". Your reference is locked to the atomic time reference of the GPS system and in turn to UTC.

Complete Kit "Ready To Go"

The kit is complete and ready to be used in the lab including the GPS-DO Clock (GPS receiver with double-ovenized oscillator and communications), active GPS antenna, power supply, connectors and extra power cable for wiring into test apparatus, enclosures, panels or racks. The kit is supported by the Trimble GPS Studio software (downloadable from the Trimble website). Trimble GPS Studio offers complete control, monitoring and data logging and data conversion features. The logging features can be used to create audit records to support traceability and operating status for the system. This data can also be made available to other applications including spreadsheets and databases allowing integration into other reporting and analysis systems.

  • Key Benefits
  • Key Features
  • Support & Documents
  • Lower your operating cost by eliminating reference calibration cycle
  • Increase your revenue potential by improving CMC capabilities
  • Enhance your customer service transporting lab-grade reference to customer sites
  • Reduce capital expenditure by improving capabilities of existing equipment
  • Start immediately - Lab Kit requires no additional components
  • Automate traceability documentation with Trimble GPS Studio software application
  • Double ovenized quartz oscillator for improved stability
  • Traceable to GPS / UTC
  • 12 channel GPS receiver
  • Automatic self survey to establish accurate location for fixed timing applications
  • T-RAIM algorithm for higher accuracy
  • Specialized Timing receiver
  • TSIP (Trimble Standard Interface Protocol) for efficient binary transfer of timing data
  • Supported by Trimble GPS Studio software application for monitoring control and dafa logging
  • Stable 10 MHZ frequency output
  • Adjustable pulse per second (PPS) output
  • Time reference selectable for UTC or GPS time.
  • Active GPS antenna and cable included in the kit
  • Connectors and cables including extra power cable for wiring into test fixture or bench power supply
  • Universal wall plug power supply suitable with variable plug options covering many countries.
  • BNC output connectors for easy integration with lab equipment.