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Resolution SMT™ GG GNSS timing receiver module PPS referenced to UTC or GPS Surface mount technology

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Acutime™ GG GNSS Smart Antenna


End of Life Products

Acutime GG Smart Antenna
Acutime™ GG Smart Antenna

The Acutime GG is an integrated pipe thread-mounted multi-GNSS receiver, antenna and power supply solution

Resolution SMT GG
Resolution SMT™ GG Timing Module

Designed specifically for integration on a circuit board using surface mount technology

Resolution SMTx Carrier Card
Resolution SMTx™ on a Carrier Card

Full featured, low-cost, embedded GPS timing receiver

Resolution SMTx GPS Timing Module
Resolution SMTx™ GPS Timing Module

Designed specifically for compact, high-volume applications

ICM-SMT GPS Disciplined Clock
ICM-SMT GPS Disciplined Clock

Miniature timing board with super-sized features

Mini-T GPS Disciplined Clock Board

Mini-T™ GPS Disciplined Clock Board

Designed to embed precise time and frequency in your application

Resolution T GPS Timing Receiver

Resolution™ T GPS Timing Receiver

Accurate timing at a low cost

Acutime Gold GPS Smart Antenna

Acutime™ Gold GPS Smart Antenna

GPS smart antenna enables easy integration into any system

Resolution SMT GPS board

Resolution SMT™ GPS Board

Designed specifically for compact, high-volume applications

Lassen SQ

Lassen SQ

Adds GPS functionality to your mobile product with ultra-low power consumption