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Specialized Application Roads

  • Streamlined workflow for roads
  • Powerful tolls to simplify road stakeout projects
  • Step-by-step approach allows you to focus on the job at hand
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The streamlined workflow for Roads adds powerful tools to simplify road stakeout projects. The step-by-step approach allows you to focus on the job at hand, instead of the software commands needed to complete each task.

Define your Road
  • Upload a LandXML, GENIO, or Trimble Roads (RXL) road definition.
  • Key in a complete road definition including horizontal and vertical alignments, templates, superelevation, and widening records.
  • The powerful cross section view improves quality and clarity.
  • Use fast offsets, slope staking, and real-time redesign.
Output and Reports
  • Generate a report for surveyed road data on the controller while in the field.
  • Use these reports to check data in the field, or to transfer from the field to your client or to the office for further processing with the office software.

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