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Selecting Relationship & Industry Types on

Thank you for your interest in This guide will help you select your relationship type and industry focus when first logging into Your selections will drive your catalog course offerings and can be updated at any time under MENU > SHOW PROFILE > EDIT CUSTOMER TYPE

Customer Type Definition:

  • Trimble Relationship: This selection refers to your typical relationship with Trimble.  
  • Customer: An everyday user of Trimble technology
  • Distributor/Partner/Provider/Service Provider​: A company that repairs or sells Trimble products and services
  • Trimble University:​ Individuals who participate in our Certified University or Tools for Schools programs

Selection Steps

1. Select Trimble Relationship and Industries

Drop Down Menu

2. Select Trimble Industry: covers a large range of Trimble industries, so select the areas of interest by checking the box(s) to narrow your course catalog display. Industry descriptions can be found on 


NOTE: To gain access to service and reseller exclusive content, Trimble Partners must log in for verification and then provide a code for each industry in which they are an authorized Trimble Partner or Service Provider. Use the links below to view each industry code:

*Must have Trimble Partners log in for verification*

Agriculture: Click Here
Build Design - General Contractors: Click Here
Build Design - Real Estate and Workplace Solutions: Contact Us
Civil Engineering & Construction: Click Here
Construction Tools: Click Here
Geospatial - Imaging Software: Click Here
Geospatial - Infrastructure: Click Here
Geospatial - Mapping & GIS: Click Here
Geospatial - Survey & Engineering: Click Here


Trimble Internal Employees should email ​​ for their login code.