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Trimble Introduces FieldMaster Logs to Simplify Compliance with DOT Regulations

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 30, 2015—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) introduced today Trimble® FieldMaster Logs for fleet and field service organizations. The mobile application simplifies the process of complying with Department of Transportation (DOT) hours of service (HOS) regulations and driver vehicle inspection requirements through advanced electronic logging technology. With FieldMaster Logs, drivers simply logon to an in-cab tablet running the application and their duty status automatically updates in real-time so that information is always current for a safer, more effective fleet.

"Businesses with fleets need to closely monitor driver logs because mitigating risk is always a priority, and the implementation of electronic recordkeeping is a critical step in that process," said John Cameron, general manager of Trimble's Field Service Management Division. "The launch of our new FieldMaster Logs allows businesses to fine-tune safety initiatives by using mobile technology that enables both the driver and the business to regulate activity."

FieldMaster Logs also makes it easy to complete driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), which confirm that vehicles are safe to operate and comply with strict Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. The DVIR tool quickly walks drivers through a checklist to inspect tires, brakes, mirrors and other vehicle parts to be sure they are functioning properly before taking the vehicle on the road.

FieldMaster Logs features include:
  • Real-time electronic record keeping of HOS/DVIR activities
  • Support for FMCSA 395.15 standards for monitoring HOS
  • Support for FMCSA 395.16 standards for driver vehicle inspection recordkeeping
  • Automatic calculation of driver availability based on assigned rules
  • Easy access to drivers' duty status and driving history 
  • Record storage in compliance with FMCSA requirements
  • Driver alerts to warn of possible violations 
  • Advanced DVIR capability to confirm vehicle inspections
"When fleet operators get into trouble with HOS regulations, often it's because of errors or incomplete recordkeeping," said Cameron. "FieldMaster Logs' electronic capabilities simplify the process by allowing drivers to log onto the solution, which automatically records their duty status, significantly improving accuracy."

FieldMaster is a core component of Trimble's Field Service Management portfolio of integrated solutions that includes Fleet Management, Work Management and Driver Safety. Trimble FieldMaster mobile applications drive enhanced visibility and information sharing between the field and the back office to enable a streamlined field service operation. Trimble Fleet Management is a cloud-based solution that provides visibility into daily field service operations to help organizations identify, manage and improve key areas such as customer service, back office administration, fuel use and vehicle efficiency. Trimble Work Management is a cloud-based solution that transforms the productivity of a mobile workforce through intelligent scheduling tools and state-of-the-art performance analytics. Trimble Driver Safety combines in-vehicle hardware with a range of real-time alerts, reports and dashboards about driver behavior that can be utilized by managers and the drivers to improve safety out on the road.

For more information about FieldMaster Logs and other Trimble Field Service Management solutions, visit: For more information on HOS regulations and how they could impact fleets, visit:

About Trimble's Field Service Management Division

Trimble's Field Service Management Division provides visibility into field and fleet operations so businesses can streamline efficiency and increase productivity. The Field Service Management suite includes fleet management, work management and scheduling, worker safety and mobility solutions that transform the effectiveness of work, workers and assets in the field. The cloud-based portfolio allows Trimble to offer customers industry-specific, enterprise-level solutions for exceptional performance and ease of use.

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About Trimble
Trimble applies technology to make field and mobile workers in businesses and government significantly more productive. Solutions are focused on applications requiring position or location—including surveying, construction, agriculture, fleet and asset management, public safety and mapping. In addition to utilizing positioning technologies, such as GPS, lasers and optics, Trimble solutions may include software content specific to the needs of the user. Wireless technologies are utilized to deliver the solution to the user and to ensure a tight coupling of the field and the back office. Founded in 1978, Trimble is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Media Contact:   LeaAnn McNabb of Trimble: 408-481-7808

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