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Trimble Inc.
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Trimble Showcases Avionics Products at AEA

ATLANTA, May 13, 1999 -- When the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) convenes today for its '99 convention, Trimble will showcase its line of avionics for the business and commuter aircraft market.
"Trimble has been providing GPS-based aviation solutions to the business and commuter aircraft market for over 11 years. In fact, Trimble has been the first to complete several GPS certification milestones and holds a significant market share worldwide," said Darrell Davis, Trimble's director of air transport. "We are committed to serving the business and commuter, air transport and military avionics segments with continued research and development, technical support and service."
Trimble's business and commuter product line include the 2101 Approach Plus™ and 2101 I/O Approach Plus™ Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) GPS navigation systems, TRA 3000 and 3500 radar altimeters and JET CALL selective calling decoder.
2101 and 2101 I/O Approach Plus Navigation Systems
The 2101 Approach Plus is a DZUS-mount flight management and navigation system for commercial and corporate aircraft operators. The system meets FAA TSO C-129 (A1) and European Basic Area Navigation (B-RNAV) certifications. The unit incorporates an ultra-high contrast display for maximum sunlight readability and continuously checks accuracy using Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) and predicts RAIM conditions for approach. The Trimble 2101 Approach Plus can store up to 40 flight plans with 40 waypoints each, showing nearest airport, displaying minimum safe altitudes as well as many other features. The receiver incorporates Jeppesen's NavData card including airports, approaches, SIDS, STARS, VORs, NDBs, airspace boundaries and MEAs. The unit interfaces with CDI, flags and external annunciators and altitude inputs. When integrated to an optional air data computer, the receiver displays true air speed, density and press altitudes, calculates and displays winds aloft and applies current wind to ETE and ETA calculations.
The 2101 I/O Plus is a DZUS-mount system for the corporate, helicopter and regional commuter aircraft operators and is certified to TSO C-129 (A1) and B-RNAV. The 2101 I/O is also certified for primary and remote oceanic navigation. In addition to all the features of the 2101 Approach Plus, the 2101 I/O Approach Plus interfaces to many other flight instruments to maximize the flexibility of the system, all within a single unit.
TRA 3000 and TRA 3500 Radar Altimeters
Trimble's TRA 3000 radar altimeter provides continuous, precise altitude information that is essential when navigating close to the ground. By setting the desired decision height from 40 to 2,500 feet, the altimeter gives the pilot a visual and audible warning when the aircraft descend below the desired height. The lightweight, aerodynamic radar altimeter was designed to mount on the fuselage or under the wing to increase transmitter transmitter efficiency.
The TRA 3500 radar altimeter provides altitude information from 0 to 2,500 feet continuously. Its ARINC outputs allow seamless integration with other on-board equipment such as flight director systems. The TRA 3500 also features a patented "anti-hover" circuit that prevents altitude wandering while a helicopter is hovering.
Trimble's TRI 20 panel-mount indicator works with the TRA 3000 radar altimeter. The indicator shows both the AGL and pre-selected decision height on a bright LED readout. Its test button sends a 40-foot altitude code to the indicator to test display and warning alerts. The TRA 20 provides an excellent source of information when the pilot has no visual clues to the landscape surrounding an airport.
In addition to incorporating the features of the TRI 20, Trimble's TRI 40 indicator includes a visual and audible gear-up warning when the aircraft is below 100 feet. Plus, it provides a trip point output beginning at 100 feet that allows the pilot to activate additional alerts every 100 feet up to 800 feet. The TRI 40 works with both the TRA 3000 and TRA 3500 radar altimeters.
Trimble's JET CALL is a TSO'd Calling Decoder for ARINC Subscribers. The JET CALL comes in two or five channel model to handle VHF and/or HF transceivers for page calling. It is a solid state receiver with a stable crystal reference to provide high reliability within a low support operation.
About Trimble
Trimble is a world leader in designing and developing innovative products enabled by GPS technology. The company provides end-user and OEM solutions for diverse applications including surveying, mapping/GIS, agriculture, mining, military, commercial aviation, automotive, vehicle tracking and timing. Founded in 1978, Trimble now holds more than 200 U.S. patents on GPS and related technology, with over 180 additional patents pending. Located in Sunnyvale, Calif., Trimble has been adding value to GPS since 1984.

Media Contact:   Lea Ann McNabb of Trimble: 408-481-7808

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