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Trimble Inc.
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Trimble's Software Development Kit Puts Mapping
in the Palm of Your Hand

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 15, 1999 -- Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) introduced today its Pathfinder Tools™ Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Microsoft® Windows® CE operating environment. Specifically designed for software developers and system integrators, Pathfinder Tools SDK is a powerful suite of components for integrating Global Positioning System (GPS) capability into custom mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) applications that operate on handheld devices.
"Today's GIS users require more specialized and efficient solutions," said Ron Bisio, Trimble's mapping and GIS marketing manager. "Pathfinder Tools SDK draws upon Trimble's decade of GIS data collection experience to provide the industry's best GPS software components for custom development. Using Pathfinder Tools components, Trimble customers can integrate GPS into a wide variety of Windows CE mobile applications."
The Toolkit Components - Powerful and Flexible
"As a software developer, I find Pathfinder Tools powerful, easy-to-use and flexible. The software is like an erector set that gives me the basic components to add GPS capability into an application," said Mike D'Attilio of Impact GPS, a GIS consultant located in Topeka, Kan. "With the addition of Windows CE, I can specifically select the most appropriate data collection platform, from handheld devices that operate on Windows CE to standard and high-end laptops that operate on Windows 95 or NT."
Trimble's Pathfinder Tools SDK includes an extensive application development library of fully customizable software components. By supplying these key components such as ActiveX controls and programmable automation objects, Pathfinder Tools simplifies the work of computer programmers. These controls and objects software packets can be pasted into a developer's application with visual programming tools, making the task of developing GPS applications easy and flexible.
GPS Receiver component - Controls all GPS data communications between the receiver and host application, including the configuration and control of real-time differential corrections from radio beacons and satellite sources. A simulation mode provides GPS positions for building, testing and demonstrating applications while indoors or whenever a receiver is not available.
Coordinate Transformer component - Allows easy and accurate coordinate conversion for latitude and longitude for over 650 published coordinate systems and zones worldwide as well as the user's custom coordinate system.
Units Converter component - Simplifies the translation of angle, length, velocity, and time units and the conversion from true to magnetic north.
SSF Writer component - Saves GPS data to perform differential post-processing with GPS Pathfinder® Office software. Trimble's Pathfinder Office, included with Pathfinder Tools, performs differential post-processing as well as GIS export. The software allows the users to create custom coordinate systems for applications and to edit SSF data files collected in the field. This component feature is useful while collecting data in complex environments where the power and dependability of differential post-processing is required.
Pathfinder Tools SDK operates on Microsoft Windows CE as well as Windows 95 and NT 4.0 (or higher) platforms. All components can be easily integrated with industry-standard 32-bit visual programming tools such as Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual C++.
The toolkit supports several Trimble Mapping and GIS receivers including, the field-proven 12-channel GPS Pathfinder XR/XRS and the 8-channel GPS Pathfinder Card receiver.
Pathfinder Tools SDK is anticipated to be available in mid-March through Trimble's Mapping and GIS Sales Offices.
The Pathfinder Tools SDK Starter Pack includes:
  • Pathfinder Tools SDK controls and components
  • Pathfinder Office Software
  • Pathfinder Tools "Getting Started Guide" and on-line help
  • Sample applications
  • One years developer's support via e-mail
  • Choice of GPS receivers: 10x Pathfinder Card, 4x Pathfinder XR, or 3x Pathfinder XRS receivers
About Trimble
Trimble is a world leader in designing and developing innovative products enabled by GPS technology. The company provides end-user and OEM solutions for diverse applications including surveying, mapping/GIS, agriculture, mining, military, commercial aviation, automotive, vehicle tracking and timing. Founded in 1978, Trimble now holds more than 200 U.S. patents on GPS and related technology, with over 180 additional patents pending. Located in Sunnyvale, Calif., Trimble has been adding value to GPS since 1984.

Media Contact:   LeaAnn McNabb of Trimble: 408-481-7808

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