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Trimble Announces Machine Control System for Wheel Loaders

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Feb. 11, 2016—Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) introduced today version 12.81 of its Trimble® GCS900 Grade Control System. The new version further expands the mix of machines supported to now include wheel loaders, demonstrating Trimble's continued commitment to meet the contractor's needs for construction technology across a mixed fleet and for all phases of the project life cycle.

GCS900 for Wheel Loaders
The Trimble GCS900 version 12.81 release includes a new 3D configuration for wheel loaders, broadening the range of machine types supported. Contractors can realize a higher and more rapid return on their investment in technology by using Trimble machine control components on a variety of machines and for more applications.

"Trimble GCS900 version 12.81 means big productivity gains for contractors who operate wheel loaders," said Ryan Kunisch, marketing director for Trimble's Civil Engineering and Construction Division. "We have seen up to a 40 percent increase in productivity for material placement and grading activities and typically a 25 percent reduction in undercutting when the GCS900 system is used."

The new configuration for wheel loaders allows contractors to realize productivity gains in both fine and rough grading applications. Operators can precisely control the amount of material being graded, improve fine grading accuracy and time, and reduce the potential for undercutting the surface during material placement or removal. Using a wheel loader equipped with GCS900, contractors can track material weight with a Trimble LOADRITE® weighing system. In addition, material placement and grade can be monitored by adding a VisionLink® Project Monitoring subscription for a more accurate and complete picture of project progress.


The Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System version 12.81 is available now globally through the SITECH® dealer channel.

About Trimble's Civil Engineering and Construction Division

Trimble is a leading innovator of productivity solutions for the civil engineering and construction sectors. Trimble's solutions leverage a variety of technologies, including Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), construction lasers, total stations, wireless data communications, the Internet, and application software. As part of the Trimble Connected Site® strategy, these solutions provide a high-level of process and workflow integration from the design phase through to the finished project—delivering significant improvements in productivity throughout the construction lifecycle.

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About Trimble

Trimble applies technology to make field and mobile workers in businesses and government significantly more productive. Solutions are focused on applications requiring position or location—including surveying, construction, agriculture, fleet and asset management, public safety and mapping. In addition to utilizing positioning technologies, such as GPS, lasers and optics, Trimble solutions may include software content specific to the needs of the user. Wireless technologies are utilized to deliver the solution to the user and to ensure a tight coupling of the field and the back office. Founded in 1978, Trimble is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Media Contact:   LeaAnn McNabb of Trimble: 408-481-7808

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