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Trimble Introduces Affordable and Easy to Use Lightbar Guidance System for Agriculture

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan. 22, 2008 — Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) today introduced a new lightbar system designed for first-time Global Positioning System (GPS) guidance users as well as veteran operators who may want to transition to assisted steering for their agriculture operations—the AgGPS® EZ-Guide® 250 lightbar guidance system. The EZ-Guide 250 system allows vehicle operators to steer tractors, sprayers, fertilizer applicators, harvesters and other farm vehicles with consistent pass-to-pass accuracy to help save fuel, increase efficiency and reduce input costs for field operations. The new system features a 4.3 inch color LCD display that provides real-time "where-applied" coverage mapping and the capability for advanced, easy-to-use guidance patterns.

"With the introduction of the AgGPS EZ-Guide 250 lightbar system, Trimble has set a new standard for affordable guidance solutions," said Erik Arvesen, general manager of Trimble's Agricultural Division. "The new entry-level system is economical and packed with features, costing considerably less than comparable solutions available today from any manufacturer."

Features of the Trimble EZ-Guide 250 lightbar system include:

  • Easy out-of-the-box operation with 15 bright guidance LEDs and a simple color user interface.
  • High-performance guidance graphics that have only been available with more costly displays.
  • FreeForm™ guidance pattern that allows operators to work in different patterns and shapes that best fit the layout and contours of a specific field.
  • OnPath® Advanced Filter Technology that provides consistent accuracy in areas where some satellites may be obstructed.
  • Built-in GPS receiver that is fully integrated with the EZ-Guide 250 system's display, making it easy to move between farm vehicles.
  • Built-in USB port that allows users to record their day�s work and transfer it via flash drive to their office computer for generating printed maps and reports.
  • Rugged-cast aluminum housing that provides reliable operation and durability, especially when quickly moving the EZ-Guide 250 system to and from vehicles.
  • Upgrade options that include the AgGPS EZ-Steer® 500 assisted steering system with T2 terrain compensation technology and the AG15 high-accuracy antenna.

For assisted steering applications, users can expand the capabilities of the new Trimble EZ-Guide 250 with an AgGPS EZ-Steer 500 system, which can cost much less than similar products on the market today. The system's open architecture also offers farmers greater portability on mixed-fleet farms. This simplifies farmers' purchasing decisions and shortens their learning curves while protecting their precision farming investments over the years.

With the new AgGPS EZ-Guide 250, Trimble has extended the entry point of its "good-better-best" range of guidance displays. These now include the entry-level AgGPS EZ-Guide 250, mid-range AgGPS EZ-Guide 500 and high-functioning AgGPS FieldManager™ display.

The EZ-Guide 250 lightbar system, with a base price of US$1,495, includes a low-profile patch antenna and provides submeter accuracy. With the optional AG15 antenna for an additional US$399, the EZ-Guide 250 provides pass-to-pass accuracy of 6-8 inches using WAAS/EGNOS corrections. The AgGPS EZ-Guide 250 system is expected to be available in March 2008 from Trimble resellers. For more information, including the location of your nearest Trimble reseller, call 1-800-865-7438 or visit

About Trimble

Trimble applies technology to make field and mobile workers in businesses and government significantly more productive. Solutions are focused on applications requiring position or location—including surveying, construction, agriculture, fleet and asset management, public safety and mapping. In addition to utilizing positioning technologies, such as GPS, lasers and optics, Trimble solutions may include software content specific to the needs of the user. Wireless technologies are utilized to deliver the solution to the user and to ensure a tight coupling of the field and the back office. Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., Trimble has a worldwide presence with more than 3,600 employees in over 18 countries.

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