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TX100 Terralite™ XPS Transmit Station

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The Trimble® TX100 Terralite™ XPS Transmit Station is an integral part of Trimble's Terralite XPS System developed for high-precision machine control and guidance applications requiring continuous, low-latency positioning information.

XPS Signals for 24/7 Positioning Throughout the Mine

There are 6 to 8 Terralite transmitters in a Terralite XPS constellation. Each TX100 broadcasts Trimble's proprietary XPS signal. This signal is received by an unlimited number of mobile MX100G GNSS+XPS receivers enabling up to 99% availability of position data to operators in the pit.

Self-Surveying for Easy Relocation as Mine Plans Change

Terralite XPS transmitters can be mounted on mobile stands and powered by a solar panel array to be self-sufficient and easy to deploy around the work site. They are self-surveying which allows them to be quickly and easily repositioned to ensure maximum position coverage as mine plans change.

Key Features

  • Single channel XPS
  • Compatible with Trimble GNSS + XPS receivers
  • Automatic self-surveying
  • RS-232 serial port
  • Ethernet port
  • User manual
  • Configurable via TCP/IP
  • Compatible with leading brand radio systems