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GeoSpatial Innovations, Inc. (GSI)

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Geospatial Innovations
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The Power of Field Intelligence™
GeoSpatial Innovations, Inc. (GSI) delivers innovative field software to electric and natural gas distribution utilities throughout North America. Since 1999, our GSI AssetManager suite of products provides advanced GPS technologies for electric line design, asset inventory and inspection, storm damage assessment, and vegetation management.

Now hosted in the cloud, our software significantly reduces time and costs in the field and streamlines workflow. Utilities can eliminate dual data entry by using our software to populate their GIS and legacy systems with field-captured data. Our customers range from major investor-owned electric utilities to rural cooperatives all over the states and in two Canadian Provinces. As an authorized business partner of Trimble, our customers can conveniently use their hardware with our advanced GPS software.



GSI Designer: a cloud-based mobile solution for designing overhead or underground electric lines in the field. It significantly reduces man-hours in the field and in the office through seamless integration of information with its “trench to the office” flow.
GSI Collector: a cloud-based mobile solution for capturing the location and attribu¬tion for new and existing overhead or underground network assets in the field.
GSI Scout: a cloud-based mobile solution for outage damage assessment in major storm events and routine damage reporting. It makes it easy for assessors to record equipment damage and crew requirements, and communicate the assessment data to dispatchers or crews without radio traffic.
GSI Forester: a cloud-based mobile solution for management of vegetation along electric lines. It facilitates capturing specific recommendations for vegetation removal and creates work manifests for tree removal/trimming crews. The result is a streamlined process which eliminates excess vegetation removal labor and expense.


American Electric Power (AEP)
AEP is one of the largest electric utilities in the United States delivering electricity to more than 5.3 million customers in 11 states. AEP uses GSI AssetManager software for critical field work including electric line design and storm damage assessment. In fact, since 2002, more than 500 AEP designers use GSI Designer software and Trimble™ GPS equipment daily for electric line design. AEP also uses GSI software for street light maintenance and to facilitate AMI router installations.

Hydro-Quebec (HQ)
HQ is the provincial electric utility of Quebec serving more than 4 million customers. In 2009, HQ, frustrated with limitations in their pole inspection and Smallworld GIS validation program, contracted with GSI for a technology solution to reduce costs and get on schedule. HQ used the GSI system in 7-month inspection seasons to complete 82,000 pole inspections in 2010, 125,000 poles in 2011, 162,000 in 2012 and almost 180,000 this year. The 2014 target is 200,000 poles.

Austin Energy
Austin Energy provides electric service to more than 450,000 customers in Central Texas, making it one of the largest municipal electric utilities in the nation. Austin Energy is implementing GSI Forester to reduce expenses of vegetation management. GSI has implemented GE Electric Office (Smallworld) and PowerOn outage management system for Austin Energy.


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