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Wireless Carrier Information

Wireless Carrier Information

Wireless communications are increasingly a vital component of a GNSS/GIS data collection and maintenance system. Wireless communications can be used to access real-time differential correction information from a VRS™ (Virtual Reference Station) system or Trimble RTX™ correction service to download or upload data to and from a GIS, or to access background imagery from an image server.

Many of the Trimble® Mapping & GIS systems are equipped with a built-in cellular modem enabling direct connection to a wide variety of wireless carrier plans.

Contact your local reseller for advice on cellular coverage and Trimble product compatibility in your region.

Mapping & GIS hardware solutions with integrated cellular modem:
Trimble Geo 7 Series handheld
Trimble Juno 5D handheld
Trimble Nomad 900GXE handheld
Trimble Nomad 1050XE handheld