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TerraSync Software

  • Software designed for efficient field GIS data collection and maintenance 
  • QuickPoint data collection mode for easy productive one-click data capture 
  • Optimized for Trimble handhelds with integrated digital cameras 
  • Support for centimeter-grade RTK receivers 
  • Conditional attributes for dynamically adapting data capture forms 
  • Customizable user interface simplifies field operation 
  • Smart data maintenance 
  • Seamless GNSS control in the field for high quality position data
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Software for highly productive field GIS data collection and maintenance

Trimble® TerraSync™ software is designed for fast and efficient field GIS data collection and maintenance. Integrating all the ways you collect data—with a GNSS handheld computer, laser rangefinder, or centimeter-grade equipment—it's a powerful system for the collection of high quality feature and position data for GIS update and maintenance.

Simple, efficient, and productive in the field—Trimble TerraSync software is the clear choice for collecting and maintaining high quality GIS data.


Regardless of the field application and the complexity of the GIS data to be collected, Trimble TerraSync software provides simple and efficient workflows to capture high quality data quickly and easily.

You can choose the edition that suits your needs:

  • Standard edition: For data collection projects that do not require the update or maintenance of data.
  • Professional edition: Provides all the functionality required for data collection and maintenance projects.
  • Centimeter edition: All the functionality of the Professional edition with the ability to connect with centimeter-grade receivers.

To discuss field GIS data collection and maintenance solutions for your industry using Trimble TerraSync software, contact your local Trimble reseller.

Software designed for efficient field GIS data collection and maintenance
Trimble TerraSync software makes the field data collection workflow seamless by including intelligent features such as map-centric operation, graphical status display, and the ability to record a position offset at the field worker's fingertips.

QuickPoint data collection mode for easy productive one-click data capture
Working in Trimble QuickPoint™ mode, GIS point features can be collected with a single press of a button, a tap of the screen, or point-and-shoot operation of a Trimble laser rangefinder. Simple to learn and use, QuickPoint mode saves field workers time collecting position and attribute information for features of the same type.

Optimized for Trimble handhelds with integrated digital cameras
Trimble TerraSync software also makes it easy to incorporate photo capture into the data collection workflow using a Trimble handheld with integrated camera. Field workers can take and preview photos, automatically attaching them to the current feature, and stamping each photo with the time, date, and location at which it was taken.

Support for centimeter-grade RTK receivers
Trimble TerraSync software supports a wide range of centimeter-grade receivers-by leveraging RTK receivers, GIS field workers can achieve centimeter-accuracy using existing GIS workflows.

Conditional attributes for dynamically adapting data capture forms
Trimble TerraSync software also includes the ability to use data dictionaries created in Trimble GPS Pathfinder® Office software, based on the enterprise GIS. A data dictionary allows field workers to create features and assign attribute values that not only comply with the GIS data structure, but also preserve data integrity. Data capture forms can also dynamically adapt to previously entered attribute values for maximum data collection efficiency with a minimum of training.

Customizable user interface simplifies field operation
To improve the field worker experience, the TerraSync user interface can be customized and simplified, removing functionality to ensure maximum field productivity and eliminate potential configuration errors, while minimizing the need for specialist training. The TerraSync Studio utility within GPS Pathfinder Office software provides a rich environment to develop and test customized TerraSync user interfaces. The result is that field workers see the overview of a data form more clearly, avoiding confusion and guiding them through only required form sections, speeding up form completion without sacrificing accuracy.

Smart data maintenance
Trimble TerraSync software provides additional benefits for field workers involved in data maintenance activities. Assets imported from a GIS can be sorted and filtered based on the order they are to be visited for efficient route planning. Assets can be viewed as a simple list, or on a color-coded map with an aerial photo or satellite image in the background for reference. Fast raster map background redraw makes it possible to work with much larger images in TerraSync, resulting in increased productivity and creating a more dynamic field worker experience.

Seamless GNSS control in the field for high quality position data
With Trimble TerraSync software, field workers can collect data and achieve the required level of accuracy, either in real time or after postprocessing. Accuracy-based logging settings specify the GNSS data quality that the enterprise GIS demands and the TerraSync software does the rest. To ensure that time in the field will be productive, field workers can use the Plan section to view a graphical prediction of the GNSS satellite constellation and identify the best times for data collection.

TerraSync software integrates seamlessly with a range of Trimble GNSS receivers to deliver the required accuracy level to meet company or regulatory requirements. The software supports postprocessing the data back in the office or using real-time differential GNSS corrections to improve data quality and accuracy. TerraSync software can also be used with supported Trimble GNSS receivers to collect Trimble H-Star™ data for extra precision. Alternatively, optimal GNSS code processing accuracy can be achieved with a Trimble DeltaPhase™ technology-capable receiver.


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