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Technology Briefs

Read Mapping & GIS technology briefs in full to find out more about innovative Mapping & GIS technology solutions.

  • Floodlight Technology Brief

  • VRS Technology Brief

  • H-Star Technology Brief

Satellite shadow is the number one problem for data collection teams needing high accuracy in difficult GNSS conditions. Trimble ® Floodlight ™ satellite shadow reduction technology is the solution—delivering dramatic improvements to accuracy and position availability when working in urban canyons and under tree canopy.


Trimble ® VRS ™ corrections are more important now than ever before, due to the increasing need for real-time high-accuracy positioning. This brief explains the ease of use and benefits of VRS corrections and is a one-stop shop for information about VRS technology as it relates to Mapping & GIS products and applications.


When GIS database requirements call for the highest levels of accuracy, Trimble ® H-Star ™ technology is the solution. Delivering decimeter (10cm/4inch) real-time or postprocessed accuracy, H-Star technology is engineered with the needs of GIS and mapping professionals in mind.