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Get the Point helps mapping professionals find new solutions to common challenges in the field and in the office. Expert advice to guide you through the many functions of Trimble Mapping & GIS solutions designed to streamline workflow and make your life easier.

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Improving Accuracy with Trimble Floodlight Technology - Moving from Shadows into Daylight

In GIS data collection, you can’t separate accuracy from productivity. Sure, you can map a bunch of features in a day, but if the points aren’t accurate – you’re heading back out to the field tomorrow. And that’s not productive.

Boosting Productivity with the Trimble LaserAce Rangefinder - Safe and Efficient Mapping

How many times have you had to interrupt a productive mapping project because one of the assets you require is inaccessible? Be it a power pole on the far side of private property, or a junction box that sits across four lanes of busy traffic – accessing the asset is either impractical or dangerous.

Mapping Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity with Trimble Handhelds - Meeting Federal Regulations and Saving Lives

To ensure traffic signs are equally visible to drivers both day and night, the U.S. Federal Highway Administration adopted new rules in 2008. The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTC) Section 2A.08 established minimum standards for regulatory sign visibility, referred to as 'retroreflectivity