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Lowell Ballard
Director of Geospatial Solutions / Principal
1001 Boulders Pkwy, Suite 300
Richmond, VA 23225
Phone: (804) 200-6951
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Timmons Group is a leading provider of geospatial and strategic planning services focusing on developing intuitive enterprise solutions and working with clients to strategic position their organizations for growth. We develop solutions across multiple platforms, including JavaScript, HTML5, and native mobile operating systems. Timmons Group also provides GIS Strategic Planning support leveraging their GIS RoadMap process.  We maintain a strong business partner relationship with Esri and Trimble. Timmons Group has been a recipient of both the Esri Business Partner of the Year award and the Esri Foundation Partner of the Year award. For more information about Timmons Group’s geospatial products and services, contact Lowell Ballard at or visit

Timmons Group leverages various technologies to create field solutions for Trimble® Mapping & GIS products across multiple vertical markets. We are a leader in mobile project delivery in Utilities, Forestry and Natural Resources, and Transportation. Our mobile mapping and business solutions integrate pure business functions (such as time accounting) with mobile mapping functions on Trimble hardware.

  • South Dakota Wildlife Inventory & Land Management Application (WILMA) South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks (GFP) contracted with Timmons Group to build a centralized, web-based enterprise information system that will integrate GIS functionality with land management activities allowing for temporal tracking of land resources, management activities, land inventory, planning, and goals and objectives reporting. The application allows GFP managers, conservation officers, and other constituents edit enterprise geodatabases online. The Enterprise Land Management Internet application enables the agency to spatially manage all Game Production Areas (GPAs) and their corresponding five-year plans. In addition, the power of geospatial analysis enables users to easily and readily extract information out of the application through custom reporting, mapping, and querying. In addition to the enterprise internet application, Timmons Group developed a field-based mapping and data collection application that operates on Trimble Mapping & GIS handhelds. The mobile solution complements the web application and enables field users to check out attribute information (inventory data) for a GPA onto their mobile device and add, edit, and update data. Upon returning to the office, mobile devices are docked and data seamlessly synchronized back to the enterprise ArcSDE database. This solution utilizes ESRI ArcGIS Mobile and SQL Server Compact technologies.

  • Virginia Department of Forestry IFRIS Project
The Integrated Forest Information Resource System (IFRIS) is a centralized, web-based enterprise system that sews geospatial mapping into routine employee accomplishment recording. With IFRIS in operational use since April 2006, VDOF now has launched the next phase, the “Forest Protection and Mobile Computing” (FPMC) project. FPMC expands on the geospatial toolset by integrating use of Trimble Mapping & GIS handhelds for efficient, timely, and geospatially accurate field data collection. Secure data transfer and synchronization is created for activities such as wildfire incidents and mitigation, water quality law enforcement, and forest health observations.

  • Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

Timmons Group contracted with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to develop ArcGIS Mobile solutions for Environmental and Transportation business needs. VDOT, as part of their planning, construction, and maintenance process, must carefully track their wetland remediation sites to ensure compliance with the appropriate state and federal regulations. The ArcGIS Mobile Solutions enable VDOT’s mobile workforce to be more productive and collect more accurate and timely information to support VDOT’s mission. Timmons Group will be expanding the number of applications to include HAZMAT, Cultural and Natural Resources, and Noise features in the near future. The ArcGIS Mobile solution includes workflows to support field data capture by VDOT Environmental staff and will leverage ArcGIS Server Replication to their Enterprise GIS database. This solution leverages Trimble Mapping & GIS handhelds to increase productivity through mobile workforce enablement.

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