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Seafloor Systems, Inc.

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Seafloor Systems, Inc
3113-F Alhambra Dr
Cameron Park, CA 95682 USA
Phone: 530-677-1019
Fax: 916-673-6848 
Seafloor Systems, Inc. was formed in Portland, OR in 1999 by veteran naval hydrographer John Tamplin to provide hydrographic survey equipment and consulting to survey companies in the Pacific Northwest. Specializing in geophysical survey equipment, Seafloor has built up the largest multibeam echosounder rental pool in the US. In 2005 Seafloor introduced the Hydrolite-TM portable hydrographic survey system which incorporated both Survey Grade and Mapping Grade GPS equipment integrated with a portable echosounder for small boat, shallow water hydrographic surveying.


In 2005 Seafloor Systems, Inc. designed the Hydrolite-TM portable survey system which incorporated a Trimble GeoXT handheld with a survey grade echosounder integrated to a small vessel mountable mounting bracket for the US Army Dive Teams.

Survey Controller/Access
The Sonarmite echosounder was integrated as a device in Survey Controller version 12.41 and later including Access. Data interface is via either Bluetooth or RS-232 (serial) protocols.

Integration of depth data from the Sonarmite echosounder via Bluetooth or Serial Port and position information from GPS or optical instruments was added to SCC900.


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