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Olympus NDT

MGIS Business Partner
Olympus              CONTACT

Olympus Scientific Solutions America
48 Woerd Ave
Waltham, MA  02453-3824 USA
Phone: 781-419-3900

Olympus provides an industry-leading portfolio of innovative test, measurement, and imaging instruments. Leading edge testing technologies include remote visual inspection, microscopy, ultrasound, phased array, eddy current, eddy current array, X-ray fluorescence and diffraction, high speed video, and optical metrology. Our products include ultrasonic flaw detectors and thickness gages, videoscopes, borescopes, microscopes, high speed video cameras, in-line and advanced nondestructive testing systems, XRF and XRD analyzers, interferometers, and a large selection of industrial scanners, probes, software programs, and instrument accessories.

Olympus instruments are used in industrial and research applications ranging from aerospace, power generation, petrochemical, manufacturing, and automotive to consumer products. Olympus instruments contribute to the quality of products and add to the safety of infrastructure and facilities.


  • Olympus Delta Xplorer (Esri ArcPad Version)
Real-Time Field Portable XRF (pXRF) data collection and mapping package running on a Trimble® Nomad® G series handheld, Trimble Yuma® rugged tablet computer, or Trimble Juno® series handheld.
  • Olympus Delta Xplorer (Encom-Pitney Bowes Discover Mobile Version)
Real-Time Field Portable XRF (pXRF) data collection and mapping package running on a Trimble Nomad G series or Trimble Juno series handheld.


  • Environmental
  • Geological Mapping
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas