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Hach Hydromet

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Hach Hydromet Sales
5600 Lindbergh Drive
Loveland, CO 80538
Phone: 800-949-3766 ext 1
Fax: 970-461-3921
Hach Hydromet helps water resources professionals generate reliable data throughout the entire cycle of water. From measuring precipitation, to monitoring estuaries, groundwater, and everything in between, Hach Hydromet's Hydrolab- and OTT-brand products provide industry-leading accuracy and reliability. Hydrolab multi-parameter water quality instruments are built using the industry's leading sensor technology for the past 35 years. OTT products have been leading level, discharge, and precipitation measurement for over 130 years. Hach Hydromet's technology, combined with expert technical support and service, deliver results you can depend on. Water resource professionals use the Trimble® Recon® handheld loaded with Hach Hydromet's Hydras 3 Pocket software to interface with Hydrolab multi-parameter water quality instruments and OTT water quantity equipment.


Hydras 3 Pocket for Hydrolab Instruments (on Trimble Recon)
Intuitive software for real-time monitoring, log file set-up and data downloads, sensor calibration, and basic Hydrolab sonde management.

Hydras 3 Pocket for OTT Instruments (on Trimble Recon)
Intuitive software for setup of and data downloads from several OTT water level instruments


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  • Water Resource Management