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GeoSpatial Experts, Inc., founded in 2001, is the world leader in photo mapping software for business. Their products have emerged as the industry standard because of their advanced functionality, consistency, and reliability.  End users of GeoSpatial Experts’ systems include every U.S. Federal Agency, all states, hundreds of cities and counties, most of the Fortune 1000, many foreign governments, as well as countless universities and NGOs.  

Their innovative GeoJot+ field data collection system enables your organization to quickly capture field data on mobile devices with geotagged photos, automatically upload the photos and data to the cloud, then process the information back in the office creating reports, maps and database input.  

The mobile app works on Apple, Android, and Windows Mobile® devices – this includes the Trimble® Juno T41® running on Android and most of Trimble’s Windows Mobile handheld GPS units including the GeoExplorer® 6000, Juno® series and Nomad®series handheld devices.   

The power and agility of the GeoJot+ field data collection system enables organizations to carry out asset inventories, provide proof of performance, meet compliance requirements, effectively capture project data, and capitalize on new business opportunities.  The system will create customizable reports for non-GIS users as well as ArcGIS shapefiles and Geodatabases, Google Earth files.  The .csv and Access output are ideas for integration into non-GIS databases.

GeoSpatial Experts is also happy to announce the availability of the new GPS-Photo Link+.  It includes the most significant functionality improvements incorporated into the GPS-Photo Link product line in the last 5 years.  GPS-Photo Link enables users to accurately map the locations of photos taken either with a standard digital camera and hand-held GPS receiver, with a GPS-enabled camera, or with a Trimble handheld computer with built-in camera. The automated software correlates each photo with its GPS coordinates and other data collected in the field.  In addition to writing GPS and other attribute data into the EXIF header of photos, GPS-Photo Link offers functionality for data QC, report creation, and integration with GIS and non-GIS databases. The program, which can run as an extension within ArcGIS, outputs data into Shape Files, Esri Personal and File GeoDatabase, as well as ArcSDE Enterprise GeoDatabases. 


GPS-Photo Link and Trimble GPS used to evaluate potential development hazards
Staff members of Ayres Associates Inc. combined mobile GIS and digital photomapping technology to more quickly and accurately verify the location of alluvial fans on a proposed building site near Phoenix, Arizona. 
Stormwater infrastructure inventory
Stormwater conveyances in 17 parks and golf courses within the Croton Watershed and along 75 miles of county roadways were mapped. In addition to location, crews recorded structural characteristics of the features (type, shape, material, size, condition), and volume and clarity of any running or standing water they observed. GIS staff supported the multi-department effort to inventory storm water infrastructure, an important step in implementing Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) management practices. Outfalls, culverts, catch basins, and open drains in all County-owned facilities were inventoried and inspected. Potential illicit discharge was also captured in photos and tagged for follow up. 
Boosting Mineral Exploration Fieldwork Productivity with Photomaps
GeoLogic VR, LLC, a geosciences firm specializing in exploration, monitoring, and visualization services, devised a method that significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of geologic fieldwork by making a radon survey essentially paperless. The firm used GPS-Photo Link, Ricoh GPS cameras, and Trimble GPS units. 
Pole Maintenance Company
Documents apparatus attached to utility poles using Ricoh camera to scan pole bar codes, Trimble GPS receivers with Bluetooth® to record locations and GPS-Photo Link software to create maps with hotlinks to photos. 


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