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GIS Workshop, Inc. (GISW) specializes in client-focused, customized GIS solutions in a wide array of industries. We will help you integrate Trimble® GPS equipment into your daily workflow to save time and increase accuracy.

In addition to being a Trimble Business Partner, GISW is also a Gold ESRI Business Partner (awarded 2010 Partner of the Year). Our skilled developers will customize ESRI software to further extend your GPS and GIS capabilities. Our GPS/GIS technicians will create a geodatabase tailored to your specific application; such customization will streamline data collection and maximize your return on investment. GISW training staff will adapt course materials to your project and use hands-on training techniques enabling your staff to start collecting data immediately. Seasoned GISW staff will provide technical support to keep your crews operating efficiently.

GISW also specializes in application development with ArcGIS Server for all your internet mapping needs. We can help you serve valuable GPS and GIS data to users throughout your organization without the need for complicated desktop software. In addition, we have several enterprise GIS websites designed to maximize data access for various county departments or city utilities while protecting your budget.

Our GIS specialists can assist with a wide variety of duties, including data preparation, analysis, collection, integration, and distribution. Contact GIS Workshop today to get started!


  • Customized Data Collection

GISW uses a Trimble GeoXH™ handheld unit along with Esri and Trimble Field and Desktop software for customized data collection for a variety of features and systems including City Utilities for Water, Sewer, Storm, Electric, and many others. GISW utilizes Trimble mapping grade units that offer 4" accuracy and perform all necessary post-processing using Esri ArcPad and Trimble Positions™ extensions. Prior to data collection, GISW provides the client with a database designed specifically for GPS collection and ArcGIS desktop software. GISW staff routinely provides both training and data collection services with Trimble hardware.

  • Customized ArcGIS Geodatabase Creation

GISW can create a Personal Geodatabase for ArcGIS Desktop to house all the GPS collected features for clients. In addition, GISW converts various data formats and creates customized ArcGIS databases for many of our clients. GISW can then provide this geodatabase to the client to be utilized with Esri ArcGIS for Desktop or ArcReader.  

  • Mobile Data Collection Android Application

GISW has developed a mobile data collection application for the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District 's Ground Water Department who sought to eliminate the use of paper for field data collection. Using an Android tablet, with this application, any of the field staff may search for the appropriate well or feature for which they wish to collect data, view collection data from previous years for a feature, enter in new data, and synchronize the newly collected data to a master database. The application is built such that an internet or data connection isn't necessary; the local data will synchronize with the master database only when an internet connection is available.

  • eCity Enterprise WebGIS

GISW's Enterprise eCity Website Application uses the ArcGIS server platform together with other web technologies such as the Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight and JavaScript APIs. This product provides municipalities with a web-based solution for managing, displaying, analyzing, and publishing their data. The system utilizes utility and infrastructure data collected with mapping-grade GPS  units in the field and displays the data in an easy-to-navigate format. This website utilizes GIS as an operational and planning tool in the areas of asset management. 


  • Agriculture
  • Government
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Water Resource Management